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Alpine Makes F1 History with First Spare Car, Featuring Lighter Chassis?


The French factory quickly upgraded the track for this weekend’s Shanghai Sprint. Only Axtbein Ocon will be driving this time, and both will alternate for the upcoming race in Miami. Interestingly, however, the updated chassis that the part sits on is not only lighter than the version used by the team, but it also has a third monocoque this year, meaning that for the first time, there is a spare wheel. Alpine Performance Technical Director Ciaran Pilbeam explained:

“This is our first race with a third chassis.” By prioritizing aerodynamic development (details below), Alpine has also reduced the weight of its cars, which exceeded the minimum weight limit at the start of the year. Although the team managed to achieve this goal, Pilby is confident that it won’t be long before they can confirm that the new car will be lighter.

F1’s backmarkers fast-track upgrades as FIA reveal full Shanghai array?

Arriving at the Shanghai International Circuit after a five-year hiatus, many teams decided not to fit anything new to their cars due to the unfairness of the first week of sprinting.

The China F1 logo will be updated soon. While Red Bull, Ferrari, McLaren and Aston Martin didn’t introduce any new parts, Mercedes tweaked the W15’s mix by adding small flaps on either side of the rear hatch to help do just that.

Back in the standings, Alpine moved up one place to tenth after a poor start to the championship, but Esteban Ocon’s A524 managed just one result. Changes include new floor mats, floor guards and side skirts designed to improve airflow around the rear wheels, making the car more stable and improving overall performance.

The innovation brought to Suzuka met our expectations,” said Okon, stressing the importance of taking Alpine one step further. I know the factory team is working hard to improve the car’s performance in future races.

However, that’s not the only way to easily update.

Alpine countryside. Can Stephen Ocon improve the floor in China?

As the weekend wore on, it became more and more clear that Alpin was behind the net. Bad changes in his administration. The first sprint weekend in China could be a game changer as there are some new unknown variables. Bruno Akal, Alpino team leader, emphasizes the challenges facing the team, as well as the need to find the missing steps.

“The last race in Japan showed how they are working to increase their performance levels. “We need to improve the performance of the car to compete at the highest level.” We need to raise standards in all areas to get out of this difficult time.”

The complexity of the issue leaves unclear questions about Alpine’s performance and future. But the team’s main priority is the Chinese Grand Prix, as Akal himself clarified.



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