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Unraveling the Timeline: Taylor Swift and The 1975’s Matty Healy’s Relationship Journey?

Matty Healy

Taylor Swift has been dating Matty Healy since her split from Joe Alvin, but things get complicated when the couple split. Swift dated Alvin for six years before Us Weekly confirmed their split in April 2023. A month later, the pop star dated 1975 singer Hailey. “They want to use her again,” an insider told us in May 2023, noting that Swift and Hailey’s “brief” relationship happened a few years ago.

The pair, whom Jack Antonoff calls his friend and collaborator, “had a great relationship,” the source said. Matty Healy and Swift’s story dates back to 2014, when they both shared love stories after being spotted wearing each other’s products. Hailey later got in trouble, describing dating someone more famous than her as “emasculating”.

“I love how much the world loves Taylor Swift,” she told Q Magazine in 2016. “If I had to go out with Taylor Swift, I’d say, ‘Damn , I’m not Taylor Swift.'” (She… later went back on her comments. )

The couple attempted a second relationship after Hayley referenced Ice Spice — and her race — who worked with Swift on the remix of “Karma” online during a podcast interview in February 2023. Amid scandal, Swift and Hayley announced their split . (Ice Spice told Billboard later that year that Healy had apologized “many times” for his offensive comments.)

All About Gabbriette Bechtel, Matty Healy’s Model Girlfriend?

1975 Coach Matty Haley has been dating the attractive Gabrielle Bechtel for several months. In an interview with Hinobility in March, Bechtel spoke directly about his feelings about the ongoing controversy surrounding him online. “I don’t care. I think it’s funny. Do it. Be happy. People have so many stories,” he joked, adding, “You don’t even know me.”

Arguably the most famous relationship occurred shortly before Haley saw Bechtel. From May to June 2023, the singer had a brief and memorable relationship with Taylor Swift. The singers first met in 2014, and while rumors of their relationship have grown over the years, the couple has yet to make it official. Now social media is suggesting that Swift’s new album The Tortured Poet Department is actually about Hailey first.

The Rise, Fall, and Rise Again of Taylor Swift and Matty Healy’s Relationship?

Taylor Swift can’t handle it either. According to a new report from TMZ, after making media headlines for the first time in six years, Swift and 1975 singer Matty Haley are finally dating, dating — and it’s falling apart quickly. Their relationship, first reported in The Sun on April 3, is unpredictable and inevitable. Behind their stories, they both have a few friends (notably Jack Antonoff, who has produced two new books). Like Swift, Matty Healy is comfortable with her fame and loves to play with it; It has worked as more than just a plot tactic to put strain on their relationship. (Haley, whom Swift said she loved, is also a Londoner.)

But Hayley isn’t exactly enjoying the kind of publicity you’d expect from Taylor Swift’s boyfriend. (But as for Swift, it’s clean.) It has created the kind of controversial statement he returned to when his recent appearance in the middle of a podcast sparked a lot of discussion about racism and sexism. One of them was the victim of Ice Spice, apologized, and now appears on Swift’s new remix. Through it all, Hailey quickly became Swift’s best friend, with some fans criticizing their relationship and refusing to be fans. This is all pre-Swift’s best album and tour to date. While the circumstances of the breakup are unclear, a friend told TMZ on June 5 that Swift.



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