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See the First Trailer for the Long-Awaited Reboot of ‘The Crow’?

The Crow

The wait is finally over. After several attempts to get the project off the ground with a rotating cast of directors including Stephen Norrington, Luke Evans and Blade’s Javier Gutierrez, the decade-old version of The Crow is now official, with a trailer for the film already out.

The film stars Bill Skarsgård as recurring antagonist Eric Draven in a supernatural revenge tale based on James O’Barr’s original 1989 comic. The film adaptation will be followed by Brendan Lee in 1994.

Ultimately, the film would inspire a television series that would become popular among peers – the film has a series that will appeal to fans from different cultures because of its rich, dark astronomical exploration. The original was followed by a series of films such as The Crow: City of Angels (1996), The Crow: Salvation (2000) and The Crow: The Wicked Prayer (2005), all of which were ultimately huge successes. . . .

The 2024 version stars Zach Balin and Will Schneider from an updated script, with Rupert Sanders in the director’s chair. Some of his most famous films are Ghost in the Shell and Snow White and the Huntsman. In the second half, Skarsgård uses Crow’s regenerative powers to exact brutal revenge on his earthly love, played soulfully by Shelley Webster’s FKA Twigs.

The film also stars Danny Huston, Laura Byrne, Sami Buajillo and Jordan Bolger. Watch the official trailer for The Crow’s Ozzy Osbourne and Post Malone spin-off Take What You Want below. The film hits theaters on June 7.

First reactions for The Crow trailer are bleak but I remain hopeful?

The first trailer for The Crow is out and the response is very, very mixed. In the trailer, Eric Draven (Bill Skarsgård) and Shelley Webster (FKA Twigs) reprise their roles as villains — and their misdeeds eventually lead to murder (in the movie, things go wrong or they attack the opposition). the road, the film proved fatal). graphic novel).

The trailer doesn’t look like a remake of the original, but a new story based on similar elements from the original film and James O’Barr’s creepy graphic novel. As a fan of both, I have high hopes for Crowe’s new story, which will attempt to revive O’Barr’s great and forgotten work – and breathe new life into Brendan Lee’s legacy. However, other fans don’t seem to believe it.

“It’s akin to The Crow for the John Wick era, and indeed, we’re living in the John Wick era. Therefore, I believe it portends well for the trends of 2024. But it definitely has… an aura…. something I haven’t experienced before,” wrote Bloody Disgusting Editor-in-Chief John Squires.


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