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Paul Alexander, ‘The Man in the Iron Lung,’ has died at 78


Reports state that Paul Alexander, one of the last persons to survive within an iron lung, has passed away. His age was 78 years. When Paul Alexander was six years old in 1952, he became ill with polio and soon lost the ability to use the majority of his body. He was placed in an iron lung, a device that helps those who have lost the ability to use their respiratory muscles breathe, in order for him to survive. Alexander overcame the severe setback to enrol in college, establish a prosperous legal career, and even write a book. In the iron lung, Alexander would survive for more than 70 years. In 2022, Alexander was interviewed by YouTuber and educator Christopher Ulmer for his channel, Special Books for Special Kids.

Following the conversation,

Ulmer started a GoFundMe page to assist Alexander in finding inexpensive housing that meets his needs and in paying for his medical treatment and iron lung maintenance. Ulmer stated that Alexander at the time had been residing in a one-room flat without a window. In the interview, Alexander stated, “Well, I didn’t die.” “Death was not God’s will for me. I continued to live as a result. And it was constantly evolving. However, it was enjoyable. It was enjoyable to me. I relished the challenge. t relished the difficulties. I had fun with the folks. Alexander also described a method he employed to purposefully swallow air in order to survive for hours at a time outside of the enormous respirator.

Alexander said he never regarded his permanent impairment

in those terms when asked if he thought it was fair or unfair. “I was like, ‘Wow, thank God I was chosen for this,'” he remarked. Alexander passed away on Sunday, March 11, according to a GoFundMe update Ulmer released in March 2024. His story went across the globe, making a beneficial effect on people all throughout the world. Ulmer said in the post, “Paul was an amazing role model who will always be remembered. Philip Alexander, Alexander’s brother, also sent a telegram to Ulmer.

I want to express my gratitude to everyone who contributed to my brother’s fundraising effort. It made the final years of his life stress-free. This will additionally go toward his funeral expenditures throughout this trying time. Looking across all of the responses and understanding how numerous individuals Paul impacted is quite wonderful. “I am truly so appreciative,” Philip Paul remarked. According to NPR, at least one other individual cannot survive without an iron lung. One year after Paul polio diagnosis, Martha Lillard also had it.

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