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Lionel Messi injury: Inter Miami star in doubt for visit to DC United


When questioned about his response to Lionel Messi’s 50th-minute exit from Inter Miami’s 3-1 victory in the second leg of their Concacaf Champions Cup Round-of-16 match on Wednesday, Gary Smith encapsulated the feelings of Nashville SC and its supporters. First of all, thank goodness, stated the Nashville coach. In the first half, Messi was his usual frightening self, combining with Luis Suárez with ease to help his old friend open the scoring. Fifteen minutes later, he put the final touches on Miami’s second goal. However, Gerardo “Tata” Martino subsequently disclosed that the GOAT’s early exit from the game in the second half was unintentional and was instead the result of soreness in his right leg, reportedly in the hamstring or gluteus region.

Following the victory at Chase Stadium that secured promotion,

The manager of the Herons remarked in Spanish, “He is overloaded in the right posterior.” “We wish to avoid taking a chance. We would have loved for him to simply stop playing the game, but we attempted to see if he could continue a little while longer. Messi’s participation for this Saturday’s league visit to undefeated D.C. United is in doubt due to the injury worry and IMCF’s busy March schedule (2 pm ET | Apple TV – Free). In order to control his playing time, the playmaker previously skipped Sunday’s 3-2 setback to CF Montréal. Martino stated, “I don’t want to take a chance, but I imagine he won’t be available for Saturday’s game.”

“We’re going observe how he develops with perform an assessment and imaging.” Miami’s stunning full-power attack once again shown how easily they might win on Wednesday, as the victory was all but assured in less than thirty minutes. While Messi plays on the field, his team is infused with excellence, and both coaches acknowledged Messi’s significant contribution to that. The other members of the group are greatly influenced by him. Indeed, there are other excellent players on them. Yet nobody is able to perform his abilities,” Smith remarked. His judgment, methods, and aptitude are all regarded with an unending degree of faith.

Everyone else shifts into high gear as soon as he gets on the ball.

And that is a serious issue. This presents a challenge for opposing teams as well as for defenders and midfielders. Since they are now forced to cover runners they wouldn’t often see.

“Perhaps one or two players have that level of confidence from their teammates throughout the league.” Few. And no one at the caliber that this guy, naturally, is capable of producing. When asked if IMCF’s less inventive performance in the second half indicates. That Messi is too important to the team, Martino said. That this is just the nature of his excellence.

“We knew a component of because of different reasons, Leo was unable to begin or take part in each match once the campaign started,” the head coach remarked. But I want to underline that he has been a vital member of Barcelona’s team for 15 years. Paris Saint-Germain for a few years, and every Argentina national team match. What would make him unfit for us? Replacing the greatest player of all time is more than just swapping out a player.

We must therefore adjust our strategy in light of his departure and loss. When we’re planned on playing a game, it’s one thing to modify it for his absence. It’s not the same as doing it fifty minutes into the game we’re still in.

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