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When can I watch ‘Love Is Blind’ reunion on Netflix? Here’s what we know

Love Is Blind

On Valentine’s Day 2024, “Love Is Blind” Season 6 debuted with a cast of thirty Charlotte, North Carolina, eligible singles ages 25 to 37. The show’s concept is to test participants’ ability to fall in love without actually meeting the other person. Together, five couples exited the pods. Three couples made it to their wedding day: Amy Cortes and Johnny McIntyre, Clay Gravesande and AD Smith, and Chelsea Blackwell and Jimmy Presnell. However, circumstances deteriorated, and only Amy and Johnny were able to say “I do. “With the reunion episode now available, fans can finally catch up on the competitors’ experiences as the drama plays out and everything is explained. Here’s how to watch the reunion of “Love Is Blind” in 2024.

When can we watch the reunion of “Love Is Blind”?

On Wednesday, March 13, at 9 p.m. ET and 6 p.m. PT/MST, Netflix will broadcast the reunion from “Love Is Blind” Season 6. You may also catch up by watching all of Season 6’s episodes on Netflix. There are three plan tiers for Netflix. The regular plan with advertisements is $6.99 a month. The regular plan without advertisements costs $15.49 a month. And the premium option costs $22.99 a month.

Who is the “Love Is Blind” lookalike, Megan Fox?

Chelsea Blackwell, a flight attendant on Season 6 of “Love Is Blind,” informed competitor Jimmy Presnell that she hears comments about how much Megan Fox looks like her “all the time.” It is true that she said, “Don’t get excited because I don’t see it.” She thought others were comparing her to the actress because of her dark hair and blue eyes. Jimmy, however, was thrilled at the comparison and inquired, “Can we get married?” but it was too late. Many supporters believed that this was a significant factor in his choice. Jimmy disagreed with her evaluation when the two became engaged and eventually met in person in episode five.

Jimmy addressed the cameras, saying, “She definitely lied to me about some, uh, how she looked.” Chelsea informed me that she resembled Megan Fox. In the end, it is not that significant. She has a strong attraction to me, but that’s okay.”

What is the drama around “Love Is Blind” season six?

Amy and Johnny are the only pair who survived Season 6 of “Love Is Blind” and got married. What then become of the other couples? On their last date, Chelsea expressed her desire to marry Jimmy, but he turned her down. He uttered, “I want a relationship with you and I want us to work so bad. I love you to death.”

But I’m not interested in going to the altar. I’m unable to.” As AD proceeded down the aisle, Clay hinted that he wasn’t yet ready to give her his all. Following a dispute and love triangle in Episode 11, Laura and Jeramey called it quits. In episode eight, Brittany and Kenneth split up. The majority of this, along with whether Jeramey and Sarah Ann reunited after Laura’s relationship ended and whether Trevor had a domestic partner, as many fans think, appear to be covered in the reunion episode.

Who is the cast of Season 7 of “Love Is Blind”?

The origins of the “Love Is Blind” Season 7 cast have not been revealed by Netflix. Following the casting directors for Kinetic Content and “Love Is Blind,” a Reddit user on the Love Is Blind On Netflix subreddit stated they had seen calls for competitors in Phoenix, Nashville, Minneapolis, Denver, Charlotte, Tampa, Detroit, and Washington, D.C. during the previous two years.

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