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‘Oppenheimer’ wins Oscar for best picture


Oppenheimer was the greatest winner of the year at the 2024 Academy Awards, taking home seven statuettes. However, the record for the most Oscar victories ever did not change. Titanic (1997), The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003), and Ben-Hur (1959) were the three films that shared the record for the most Oscar wins ever with 11. Oppenheimer would have tied for the most all-time if it had won every category save two. It would have also set a new record for the most Oscar victories ever if it had lost in either zero or one categories. However, Poor Things won a few of the categories in which Oppenheimer was nominated early in the evening.

Did Oppenheimer Make Oscar History in 2024?

Even if Oppenheimer had a fantastic night, the Oscars were not history. With 13 nominations going into the evening, the movie led all 2024 releases. The Christopher Nolan-directed movie chronicled the story of the man who invented the atomic bomb and had some of the best acting of the year, garnering nods for acting in three different categories. It will continue to be remembered as the 2024 Academy Awards film with the most wins.

Oppenheimer began the previous year as a participant in a fierce Titans match, but on Oscar night, it triumphed. Best Picture was awarded to Christopher Nolan’s historical drama about the development of the atomic bomb, capping a night in which it took home seven honors. It defeated not just its box office rival Barbie but also a formidable field of competitors, which included The Holdovers directed by Alexander Payne, Killers of the Flower Moon (which didn’t win anything all night) directed by Martin Scorsese, and the experimental Poor Things directed by Yorgos Lanthimos.

Nolan’s relationship with the best-picture award is intriguing. Both of his films, Dunkirk and Inception, received nominations but didn’t win. In 2009, the number of nominees for the film of the year category increased from five to ten. Partly because director Christopher Nolan’s picture The Dark Knight did not receive a nomination. Back then, it looked as though Nolan would win Best Picture for a fantastic popcorn movie someday. But in the end, he succeeded with a work of art that is akin to The King’s Speech. Which defeated Inception to win greatest movie in the following year of the enlarged field.

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