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‘Zone of Interest’ makers deliver anti-war statement after Oscar win

Zone of Interest

The German officer’s family who lived next door to the Auschwitz death camp during World War Two is the subject of Britain’s “The Zone of Interest,” which took home the Oscar in the title of Best International Feature Film on Sunday. The main focus of the film is on commandant Rudolf Hoss and his family. They establish a home near the Auschwitz death camp in occupied Poland. Where the Nazis erected the greatest concentration camps and execution centers, killing over 1.1 million people. As Jonathan Glazer won the Academy Award for Best International Feature for “The Zone of Interest,” his hands trembled.

The film was filmed entirely at Auschwitz,

and producer Jonathan Glazer, who directed “Sexy Beast” in “Under the Skin,” stated he wanted to highlight the potential for violence in all people. that “we believe we wouldn’t ever conduct like this and we never act like that, however I believe we need to be more uncertain in that,” Glazer stated. Based on the late Martin Amis’s novel, the film uses sound effects instead of on-screen violence to highlight the brutality of the death camp in contrast to the family’s seemingly normal lives. “Our movie depicts the worst-case scenario of dehumanization,” Glazer remarked on Sunday night.

“At this point that the Second World War has been hijacked by an occupation that has caused conflict for countless innocent people—whether it be the October 7th victims in Israel or the current assault on Gaza—we stand here as men who deny our Jewish heritage. How do we resist this humanization?” Glazer stated he thinks the movie would highlight. The global problems that are happening right now. We make decisions that both reflect and challenge who we are right now. Instead of saying, “Look what they did then,” he said, “Look to what we do now.”

Every decision we make is intended to face and reflect who we are right now. Glazer remarked, “Look what we do now, not what they did then.” “Our film illustrates the worst-case scenario of dehumanization. All of our past and present were molded by it. “The Zone of Interest” portrays the ordinary lives of a Nazi family living next. To the Auschwitz death camp while delving into themes of involvement. The script was roughly adapted by Glazer from the same-titled novel by Martin Amis published in 2014.

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