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Sean Lennon Wishes Yoko Ono ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ During Oscars Speech


The 2024 Oscars were held on Sunday, March 10, which is also Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom. And throughout the moving best animated short award for WAR IS OVER by Dave Mullins and Brad Booker! Sean Ono Lennon, the late Beatles star John Lennon’s son, was inspired by the music of John & Yoko and made sure to give his mother a very special shout-out.

Alongside Mullins and Booker, Ono Lennon, who functioned as the short film’s executive producer, walked the stage at Los Angeles’ Dolby Theatre. Even though the “wrap-it-up” music was already playing, Sean managed to get in a tribute to Yoko Ono after the producer and director gave their victory remarks.

He spoke to the assembly,

“My mother turned 91 this February.” “Can we all wish Yoko a happy Mother’s Day?” The crowd in front of him wished the singer of “Give Peace a Chance” a joyous holiday in unison at his request. Born in 1975, Sean is the only child of Ono and John Lennon. Along with her ex-husband, film producer Anthony Cox, the renowned artist is also a mother to a daughter, Kyoko Chan Cox. John’s first wife, Cynthia, gave birth to a son, Julian Lennon.

A carrier pigeon conveys movement signals between two soldiers playing chess. Unknowing they are on different sides. In the World War I front scene of WAR IS OVER! which Sean co-wrote with Mullins but did not win the Oscar for.

Before John Lennon was shot and killed in 1980, Ono and her late husband worked together multiple times. Most famously on the song “Happy Xmas (War Is Over).” After more than 50 years since its initial publication. The song has become a timeless Christmas favorite. Peaking at No. 38 in the Hot 100 chart on Billboard in 2022.

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