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NYCB stock crashes on news it’s hunting for cash


A greater than one billion dollars in equity investment is being given to New York Community Bank NYCB, a struggling regional lender. Liberty Strategic Capital, the company founded by former Treasury Minister Steven Mnuchin, is the source of the majority of the investment, $450 million. In an announcement released on Wednesday afternoon, NYCB stated that “other institutional investors and certain members of the Company’s management,” in addition to Hudson Bay Capital, Reverence Capital Partners, and Citadel Global Equities, will contribute the remaining amount. The Wall Street Journal reported earlier on Wednesday that the bank was looking for a significant cash infusion, which caused the bank’s stock to drop more than 40%. The stock surged 31% following the announcement of the deal, but those gains soon leveled off. After transactions settled, shares of NYCB ultimately completed the day 7% higher.

David Chiaverini, managing director of stock research

At Wedbush Securities, described the funds as “a lifeline.” Alessandro DiNello will be replaced as CEO by Joseph Otting, a former comptroller of the currency, as revealed by NYCB in addition to the investment. Less than a week ago, DiNello was designated CEO; he will now serve as non-executive chairman. Mnuchin, Otting, Hudson Bay resident Allen Puwalski, and Reverence resident Milton Berlinski will occupy four additional board seats. According to Mnuchin’s statement on Wednesday, the new investment should assist in guaranteeing that NYCB has an adequate capital buffer in case it needs to set aside further funds in reserves. Considering the recent events, it is still unclear if customers are retaining their money in the bank.

The bank said last month that deposits were steady and had even somewhat increased in the final quarter of 2023. This information was released following NYCB’s unexpected loss last quarter, which was partially attributable to defaulted commercial real estate loans. The bank then disclosed in a filing last week that it had found “material weakness” in the business’s controls. Shareholders lost $2.4 billion as a result of the problems, according to NYCB. It postponed the mandatory yearly financial declaration so that it could concentrate on resolving the problems it found. According to the bank, it now plans to submit its annual report by March 15.

That report will be the most recent source of information

on whether depositors are taking their money out, unless the company issues another update. There are unsettling similarities between this delay and the one that occurred with First Republic Bank last year, when the bank delayed disclosing its quarterly results. Similar emergency capital injections were required by First Republic Bank just prior to its collapse. According to Chiaverini, there’s reason to think that depositors have been taking their money out, since the stock has dropped about 70% since the company’s January earnings announcement. Additionally, Fitch Ratings and Moody’s Investor Service both lowered NYCB to junk status lately. That matters because a lot of depositors frequently demand. That banks maintain higher credit ratings, referred to as “investment grade,” for them to hold their money.

According to Chiaverini, the bank was able to “reestablish” its credit rating with the assistance of the agreement. In addition to the US Treasury Department and the Office of the Comptroller. Of the Currency declining to comment, NYCB did not respond to a request for comment. The stock fell below $2 a share earlier in the day, getting close to its lowest trading price ever. “You ought to feel more optimistic about the company’s survival,” KBW managing director Christopher McGratty said following the merger. To provide clarification, one of the group members investing in the bank has been removed from the announcement from NYCB. Citadel Global Equities is the name.

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