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Alec Baldwin looms large in ‘Rust’ armorer trial

Alec Baldwin

Actor Alec Baldwin was shown on camera last week in a Santa Fe, New Mexico, courtroom, bolting from a hut and firing his Colt.45 “Peacemaker” pistol until he ran out of ammunition. On the “Rust” movie set, Alec Baldwin orders Hannah Gutierrez, the top weapons handler, “One more, one more, one more, right away, let’s reload,” implying that she ought to have had a second gun ready too. Wednesday’s jury found Gutierrez guilty of involuntary manslaughter after barely three hours of deliberations.

Gutierrez was accused by the prosecution of hurrying the handling of guns and neglecting to advise Alec Baldwin, the actor, not to point a gun at bystanders or pull the trigger after a take. During the filming of “Rust,” prosecutors utilized set videos to present a dissection of weapon safety practices used in the film industry. The lawsuit centered around the disorder surrounding the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins in 2021.

A video shows Alec Baldwin pointing a pistol at Hutchins during scene setup; the gun fired and hit the cinematographer tragically with a live ammunition that Gutierrez had accidentally loaded. Witnesses, including those who collaborated with Alec Baldwin on “Rust” and specialists in weapons, discussed Baldwin’s involvement in the shooting even as Gutierrez was on trial. He was a producer, writer, and lead actor on a set, and some of the testimony showed he was careless and had an excessive amount of control.

In one clip,

Alec Baldwin defies movie norms and conventions by yelling an expletive and firing. One last bullet in response to a crew member’s “cut” signal. Legal experts predicted that when Alec Baldwin is facing a manslaughter trial on July 10 for Hutchins’s death, state prosecutors and even Baldwin’s defense attorneys will surely draw on some of the evidence presented in the case against Gutierrez. The defense team for Gutierrez questioned witnesses multiple times. About whether Baldwin and first assistant director Dave Halls, who was more experienced than Halls, hindered. The rookie armorer from carrying out her weapons safety responsibilities.

After watching the Alec Baldwin video clip, Bryan Carpenter, a gun safety specialist on movie sets who worked on about 100 movies and TV shows, stated, “He’s teaching the armorer how to do their job.” “Having authority is how we maintain gun safety.” Carpenter was asked by attorney Jason Bowles if any armorer could have advised Baldwin on what to do. “It would be a challenging circumstance,” Carpenter stated in court.


A camera dolly operator on the set named Ross Addagio was among. The crew members who voiced similar worries about Alec Baldwin prominent involvement in the low-budget movie. Addagio stated, “I don’t recall anybody standing up to Mr. Baldwin on the Rust set.” He also said that Gutierrez was not as “professional and serious” as other armorers he had worked with. Baldwin has declared that he did not oversee on-set operations and that. As an actor, he was not in charge of gun safety. He was merely a creative producer on the film. When his handgun fired, he claimed he was told to aim it toward the camera.

“Rust” set stills photographer Karen Kuehn testified against, the defense under cross-examination that Baldwin was the most prominent producer on set. Saying that she did not witness anyone say “no” to him, she called him the “boss”. An inquiry for comment was not immediately answered by Baldwin’s attorneys. However, attorneys stated that they might also benefit from some of the testimony given during the current trial. Halls, the first assistant director, defended Baldwin. Halls, already found guilty in the case, claimed Alec Baldwin acted, similar to other actors caught up in production excitement.

“But there hadn’t been any Mr Baldwin pushing anybody,” stated Halls.

Criminal defense attorney Stephen Aarons in Santa Fe says they will probably use such testimony in Baldwin’s case. “Alec Baldwin crew is going to utilize some of this information and replicate it at his hearing,” Aarons stated. During a brief portion of her final argument in Gutierrez’s case on Wednesday. California prosecutor Kari Morrissey laid the groundwork for Baldwin’s impending trial. Morrissey to the jury, “Alec Baldwin’s behavior and his lack of concern for gun safety inside. That church on that day are something he’s going to have to answer for another day.” On Wednesday afternoon, the jury’s arguments in the Gutiérrez case began.

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