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Rooster Teeth Is Shutting Down After 21 Years

Rooster Teeth

The parent company of Rooster Teeth, an Austin entertainment company that began in a garage in Buda 21 years ago, has closed down. Why this matters With projects ranging from controlling to podcasts, Rooster Teeth skillfully packaged an irreverent, artistic strain of Austin that merged anime, gaming, fandom, snark, and slackerdom. According to Variety, the company’s shutdown would result in the layoff of about 150 full-time employees as well as the suspension of employment for other contractors and content creators. The big picture: The business, which is perhaps most recognized for its science fiction satire “Red vs. Blue,” was founded in 2003 but eventually failed as a result of the nationwide turmoil in digital advertising that affected media companies.

“It is alongside sadness that I declare that the company Rooster Teeth will be closing because of the difficulties affecting the media industry caused by fundamental changes in customer behavior as well as revenue generation throughout platforms, advertising, and patronage,” announced Jordan’s Levin, the president and CEO of Rooster Teeth, to staff members on Wednesday.

Canadian actor Eōin J. Leahy stated on X that “Rooster Teeth kickstarted my interest in pursuing a career in the arts.” “Just a small group of people creating things together because they enjoyed it.”

Between the lines:

Although Rooster Teeth had a devoted following and organized the yearly RTX gathering. Their material was fighting for viewers’ attention in an increasingly congested entertainment market. In the age of YouTube and TikTok. First, Rooster Teeth’s subscription video service formerly had over 225,000 paying users. But Variety reports that number has since dropped to roughly 60,000. The company’s workforce had decreased from a peak of roughly 400 workers.

A business executive tells Axios that Discovery hopes to acquire Rooster Teeth’s intellectual property. And content library, which includes the well-liked anime-style series “RWBY” and Michael B. Jordan’s animated sci-fi streaming comedy “Gen: Lock.” Warner Bros. Discovery is trying to sell the Roost Podcast Network, but it will not shut down. The final line is this: “During the days to come and several weeks. We will be given the chance to come together to put into effect. The best method to wind everything up for us in our community,” Levin stated.

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