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Will Ospreay Seizes Victory Over Bryan Danielson in Epic Dream Match at AEW Dynasty 2024

Will Ospreay

Can Will Ospreay win his AEW Dynasty dream match against two of the best in the world on Friday night? The best game ended with the Osprey taking the hidden finisher, Tiger Tiger ’97, and more Hidden Blades. Fans will remember this tournament when talking about this year’s matches. Ospreay debuted as an AEW wrestler last month at The Exchange against Konosuke Takeshita. But this is just the beginning of something bigger. Ospreay faced Danielson in his first match since defeating Kyle Fletcher on March 6 on Dynamite.

AEW 2024 Results, Champions and Standings How Is Swerve Making History?

A.E.W. Julia Hart for the AEW TBS Championship, The Timeless Tony Storm vs Thunder Rose for the AEW Women’s World Championship, Young Bucks vs. Young Bucks. Tag Team World Championship FTR AEW Swerve Strickland vs. Strickland. Samoa Joe. AEW pitted Will Ospreay against Brian Danielson in a no-show match. Last week’s AEW Dynamite drew 762,000 viewers, a big drop from last week’s AEW Brawl In featuring CM Punk and Jack Perry.

Dynasty 2024 results: Announcement

AEW Championship – Samoa Joe (C) vs. Deflect Strickland. Swerve pinned Joe with a powerbomb in the second round and Swerve finished the tap before the three count. With this win, Strickland would become the first black AEW World Champion. The fight ended in a long and emotional fight, but Strickland’s victory still stands out. He will be AEW’s biggest star in 2023. Now let’s see what this ultimate champion can do. Really avoid it. Any pin for the name Joe |: grade, B+

Tag Team Championship (VOC) – Young Bucks vs… FTR (school match). As Cash Wheeler was about to claim the title, a masked man jumped the barricade and pushed Wheeler into the ladder. Jack Perry was immediately relieved of his security duties. The Bucks won the championship in style in a flurry. Danielson and the Ospreys are painful to watch, but the Bucs and FTR are the best games on their schedule. Perry’s promotion was a huge success because it got the strong response AEW was hoping for. This is the Bucks’ third AEW title. Tank bag. FTR | Award Field Award: B+ “Take a closer look at this.” The AEW Dynasty and Brian Danielson. If you’re a Brian Danielson fan, watch out tonight.

Danielson faces Will Ospreay at the AEW Dynasty pay-per-view.

“I think he will be the best version of Brian Danielson,” Danielson said. When I transition away from wrestling full-time, everything will change.” I reserve naps for emergencies only. Is this my best job right now? I don’t know. But there’s something about going out and playing in front of an audience that makes me happy.

“Although it’s over, we are now hoping for the best.” That’s what you get in Dynasty.”



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