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What Is Technology And Its Types?


Technology is the application of conceptual knowledge for achieving practical goals, especially in a reproducible way. The word technology can also mean the products resulting from such efforts, including both tangible tools such as utensils or machines and intangible ones such as software.

What is technology?

Technology is one of the most popular words in our world, but also one of the most confusing. As a form of analysis, it seems necessary to understand the whole of human history and beyond. Humans have been technologically advanced since the Paleolithic era, and many animals, from crows to chimpanzees, are thought to have used weapons. As an actor category, “technology” is very new, with related terms such as engineering, art, etc., although popular. Back to the long story. But the new English word “technology” often has conflicting meanings. I have three purposes for reviewing this article. I begin by recalling Eric Schatzberg’s work, Automation, which examines and explains the history of “technology” and the categories of actors associated with it. Secondly, I provide a critical analysis, arguing that although Schatzberg divides previous thinking about automation into two camps, namely the so-called “cultural” and “instrumental” approaches, prioritizing the former approach is wrong. above the last one. Third, I offer a broader definition of my favorite tool that underlines an important aspect of this technology—that it can be used on different scales—and I suggest a new line of research for historians of knowledge and science technology.

Eric Schatzberg’s book has long been invaluable to teachers of the history of technology. In his 2006 book, Technology is Coming to America,. Redefining Technology and Culture in the 1930s is essential reading for students and an excellent introduction to the subject. Focus on smart technology. In Critical History and Conceptualization, Schatzberg expands and deepens the broad perspectives presented in that history, using the best of modern historical historiography while adding his own insights. In the upcoming years, this will become a commonplace procedure.

Types of technology

1. Medical technology

Medical technology is the application of scientific knowledge to solve the problems of the human body. Doctors and other health professionals use it to diagnose, prevent, slow, and treat disease. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about medical automation? Most people think of injections, catheters, ventilators, hip replacements, pacemakers, ultrasounds, and CT machines. All of them are true.

An example of medical technology

MRI Scanner: Diagnostic radiologists use this medical device to scan the human body to look for cancer cells, organ failure, and torn ligaments.
Remote monitoring of patients: Monitoring the health of patients is the most important thing for doctors. Remote patient monitoring tools allow healthcare professionals to see how patients are doing in outpatient settings.

2. Mechanical technology

Engineering professionals apply automation to machines to create machines that solve human problems. This was proposed as a means of production and engineering for various innovations. From the heart of human history, the contribution of automation to society. In ancient Mesopotamia, woodworking and the use of wood were used in the manufacture of cars and other objects.

Considering this, it is not helpful to understand the most important daily tasks. Caring for them requires effort and physical effort. These functions include life, medicare sailor heavy already mantra in the functional, or system nostra of heating and cooling.

An example of mechanical technology

Engine: An auxiliary system that works as a primary power converter. Add fuel to appliances, motors, fans, water pumps, and sprinklers. Transcendence is more critical than transduction—the cycle through the mechanics of intervention devices. The speeds are causing Flyaway to return. Maintenance machines, wheelchairs, and wheelchairs on the ground.


3. Technical communication

Communication automation is a device or system for transmitting information. First, use the symbols used by the Romanians to convey information about 31 thousand of the symbols used, which include cave paintings, petroglyphs, pictograms, and ideograms. The following devices are used to communicate with the cell: Post a blog using your smartphone or laptop This communication automation is used in healthcare.

An example of communication technology

Telephone: Modern automation allows users to communicate with each other via telephone. The phone should be active. For example, you can play audio and video, process messages, and browse the web or smartphone.
Internet Technology: The Internet is the latest revolution in the world. He put his foot down and joined the people on the other side of the border.

About technology

Entering customers are using this automation for targeted purposes, especially in the case of personal reproduction modules. The word automation offers a wide range of luxury products designed with great effort, including tangible luxury and metal furniture, capture and intangible luxury, and software-UL.

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