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what are social determinants of health?

determinants of health


Health outcomes are influenced by non-medical factors known as social determinants of health (SDH). These are the various systems and forces that govern how individuals are created, develop, work, live, age, and go about their daily lives. These systems and pressures include political institutions, societal norms, development ambitions, and economic policies and processes.

social determinants of health has profound implications for both equitable and preventable Fitness, problems in cities and towns. In countries with different incomes, health and disease follow social status; The lower the socioeconomic status, the poorer the health.

The table below provides examples of social determinants of Fitness, that can affect Fitness, equity both positively and negatively.

  • Income and Social Security
  • education
  • unemployment and labor shortages
  • Employment conditions
  • Food problems
  • housing, basic amenities and environment
  • Early childhood development
  • social inclusion and non-discrimination
  • Structural conflict
  • access to quality health care.

Research shows that social determinants are more important than Fitness, or lifestyle choices in promoting Fitness,. For example, several studies have shown that 30-55% of Fitness, issues are due to social determinants of health. The estimates also show that the non-health sector’s contribution to community health is higher than that of the health sector.

Improving sexual and reproductive health is critical to improving health and reducing chronic health inequalities, which requires action from all sectors and civil society.

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