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The Francis Scott Key bridge in Baltimore collapses after a ship crashed?

Francis Scott Key Bridge

A container ship hit part of the Baltimore Francis Scott Key Bridge, a vital traffic signal on the East Coast, causing it to collapse and sending people overboard on Tuesday morning.

The conflict prompted an extensive search and rescue operation and it is unknown how many people are in the Patapsco River. But Kevin Cartwright, director of communications for the Baltimore Fire Department, told NPR that seven people were being searched after falling into the river. He called the installation and the incident a “very traumatic incident,” the Associated Press reported.

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott also said emergency crews were dispatched to the scene.  The vessel that struck the Francis Scott Key bridge, a 948-foot container ship and Singapore-flagged, was sailing from Baltimore to Colombo, Sri Lanka, at 1 p.m., Coast Guard public information officer Matthew West told NPR.

The Maryland Transportation Authority informed X that they closed both lanes due to the crash. A collision with a container ship in Baltimore on Tuesday morning collapsed a major bridge and sent several vehicles into the water below. Rescuers were searching for survivors after the plane crashed into the pier of the Francis Scott Bridge. Which, crosses Interstate 695 over the Patapsco River southeast of the Baltimore metro area

A video recorded the incident, showing smoke emanating from the ship and the bridge collapsing into the river. Before the accident, people observed cars and trucks on the bridge. The ship had not sunk and her lights were on.

What happened in the bridge collapse in Baltimore?

LSEG vessel records show that the Singapore Daley-class vessel was the main vessel on which the incident occurred. According to Reuters, citing LSEG records, Grace Ocean Pty Ltd owns the vessel, which Synergy Marine Group operates.

Synergy Marine Corp. said Daly’s boat struck the Francis Scott Key bridge and all crew members and including. The two pilots, were responsible, with no injuries reported. USA Today reached out to the U.S. Coast Guard earlier Tuesday. Tuesday morning, the Maryland Transportation Authority announced the closure of all lanes in both directions due to the I-695 Clay Francis Scott Key Bridge incident. “Traffic is at a standstill.”


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