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Super Junior’s Kim Ryeowook announces marriage plans with TAHITI Ari

Kim Ryeowook

Kim Ryeowook will soon tie the knot! The Super Junior member broke the news to fans on Instagram on March 29 by sending a handwritten note. The letter is written in this manner: To our ELF, whose existence resembles the brightness of a blue star

Hi there. This is Kim Ryeowook from Super Junior.

I wanted to immediately inform our ELF, my closest friends, who never cease to show me love and support. I would like to inform them of some news. And i am writing to all of you in the hopes that you will all sense my honesty. I was 19 years old on November 6, 2005, when I first encountered ELF in the early winter. I am currently 38 years old and have made my debut 20 years ago as Kim Ryeowook.

Our ELFs have always faithfully supported us, whether or not that was the case. After going through both good and painful times together, I believe we have grown stronger. I am therefore anxious to share this news with you first, yet I am also hesitant to do so. There is someone I am seeing, as you are aware. I naturally felt a desire to become family with her during the course of our time together. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, so this isn’t a snap decision. After much consideration and debate with members and agency staff, I’ve decided to marry in late May this spring.  I will always be appreciative to the ELF for supporting Kim Ryeowook despite my shortcomings and awkwardness up until this point.

However, I also want to apologize to any of you who might have been taken aback by this announcement. For all of you who support me when I perform with the members and still want to hear me sing, I will keep working hard as Kim Ryeowook of Super Junior and as a singer. I also want to thank the staff at SM and our members for their support and strength in helping me make this decision. ELF! It is still really cold outside. Always dress warmly, and take precautions to avoid becoming sick. I adore and am grateful to you always.

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