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50 Cent trashes ex Daphne Joy’s rape accusations

50 Cent

Any allegations made by 50 Cent former partner Daphne Joy of rape, physical abuse, and fatherlessness towards their 11-year-old son Sire have been refuted. Joy made a charge against Cent in a message posted on Instagram on Thursday, but according to Daily Mail, the rapper has refuted the claims.

50 Cent was addressed by her real name,

“Curtis James Jackson,” when she made her introduction. “You see everything as a joke until our safety is jeopardized, as it is at this moment. You are tearing apart, racing, and disordering people’s lives. How would you feel if it were Sire who was wearing the bounds? To waste.

You saw him ten times in the two years that we were living a mile away from you. We moved to New York so that you could raise your son. She declared, “I’m tired of trying to keep up an image for our son that you haven’t even worked hard to obtain.

“Let’s focus on your actual criminal acts of raping and physically beating me. You are no longer my oppressor, and from now on you will be dealt with by my God. These final fake charges against me have permanently destroyed. Because the remaining hope I had for you as a parent to protect our family.   Joy said, “You have finally and forever crushed our hearts. T

A few days before the charges,

50 Cent made fun of Sean “Diddy” Combs for the raids on his two homes. 50 Cent is said to have made fun of Diddy after one of Joy’s former employees. Filed a stunning complaint against the famous rapper, referring to the rapper as a “sex worker.” Joy referred to the assertion as “character assassination” and declared it untrue. In a statement to Daily Mail, the representative for 50 Cent, however, denied the claims.

“I have been forced to take all necessary legal actions to protect my son Sire due to the disturbing charges in the sworn pleadings recently filed in a court case involves my child, who is twelve years old, and Daphne Joy,” the complaint said. “The latest unfounded and incorrect charges made by Daphne Joy are a reaction to my choice to pursue sole custody of my son,” the statement continued. Right now, my only concern is keeping my son Sire in a safe environment, which is my priority.

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