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Rivian shows off smaller, less expensive EVs, hastens delivery plans


March 7, LAGUNA BEACH, California (Reuters) – To speed up delivery in the first half of 2026, Rivian (RIVN.O) unveiled its new tab on Thursday and showcased its more affordable, smaller R2 SUVs and R3 crossovers. The company also expects to begin producing the R2 at its current U.S. facility. Following the announcement that the company’s new approach would help save more than $2 billion, shares of Rivian finished up 13.4% at $12.51. At $45,000, the R2 is far less expensive than the company’s flagship R1 SUVs and pickups. Given the steep decline in EV demand brought on by high borrowing rates, the new car is viewed as essential to Rivian’s success. Generally speaking, electric automobiles cost more than gasoline-powered vehicles.

Previously, Rivian had intended to open a $5 billion plant in Georgia to produce the R2, a five-seater variant of the automaker’s larger R1S SUV with a range of more than 300 miles (483 km). The necessity of building the factory has been questioned by some observers, though. Rivian announced on Thursday that it was speeding up its plan to the first half of 2026 by starting production in Normal, Illinois. Previously, the company had stated that the R2 would ship in that year without providing any further details. “We are going accomplish that expedited schedule by employing the manufacturing capability in Average, using our Chicago site to officially introduce R2 and then getting that onto the hands of consumers as rapidly as we can,” RJ Scaringe, our CEO, stated.

Vitaly Golumb, an investor for Rivian, stated:

“This definitely relieves some of the pressure on the ongoing massive cash investment required for the Georgia plant.” Additionally, I would hope that they are being cautious and would be able to push the delivery dates even closer together.” According to Rivian, it has enough money to support operations through the R2’s launch.


Even yet, it will be costly to establish the Georgia factory and increase production in Normal. Although Rivian has just over $9 billion in cash and raised more than $3 billion with two bond issuances last year, some analysts and investors predict the company will require further funding by 2026.

“They are leaking dollars at the moment, while they need a steady flow of cash. “Even if they have billions set aside, losing $40,000 on a car will quickly deplete that amount,” stated Sam Fiorani, vice president of AutoForecast Solutions’ worldwide vehicle forecasting division. “When R2 becomes as successful as Rivian expects it to become, it might go quite a distance toward helping reduce the depletion of money.”

According to a Rivian representative,

the Illinois facility, where the company also produces its electric delivery vans, can build 150,000 cars annually. Rivian stated that it anticipated 215,000 trucks to be able to operate there annually with the addition of the R2. Since Georgia “continues to be an extremely significant part of its over time strategy,” construction there would restart later, according to Rivian.

Producing 57,232 vehicles last year, Rivian announced that growth will be flat this year as it deals with sluggish demand and production pauses to make improvements meant to reduce expenses and boost margins. Even while SUVs and pickups are quite popular in the US, it has been difficult to increase production and create demand after the initial wave of fans.

Providing EVs at a low cost in large quantities is seen to be essential to luring clients who are hesitant to give up their less expensive, gas-guzzling cars. Unexpectedly, Rivian also unveiled the R3 and its more potent R3X version on Thursday. Launched after the R2, the R3 will be less expensive than the R2. Rivian withheld any other information.

According to Fiorani of AutoForecast,

his company had anticipated that the R3 would go on sale in 2028. However, in light of Thursday’s revelation, he stated that manufacturing may now begin in 2027, with a potential price range of $40,000 to $45,000. Since the R3 and R2 are based on the same platform, he said, it should be rather simple to roll them out one after the other.

At the launch party, which took place at a crowded historic cinema theater in Laguna Beach, California, across the street from the Pacific Ocean, Rivian restored, there was a lot of excitement. The corporation welcomed Jimmie Smeath, 39, and Joshua Jarvis, 33, who traveled from the Salt Lake City, Utah, area. They both own R1 cars and frequently go mountain riding, snowboarding, and camping in them.

Jarvis declared, “It’s Rivian’s way forward.” “Just because it is a better pricing point, this is big for the company. The R2, which goes for $45,000? For an EV, that is absurd.”

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