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Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson set for July 20 on Netflix

Jake Paul

Netflix is set to host a live boxing match between former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson and boxer Jake Paul. The battle will be available to all Netflix subscribers. Texas’ AT&T Stadium will host the event on July 20. More information, including details about the co-main event and undercard, will be provided later. Jake Paul and Nakisa Bidarian’s More Significant Promotional (MVP) and Netflix have collaborated to create the event. Paul and Tyson have both been in boxing bouts together in the past. Jake Paul participated in the pay-per-view’s co-main event, which included an exhibition match between Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. in 2020. Tyson was boxing for the first time since 2006.

During his subsequent boxing professional conflict,

He defeated former NBA players Nate Robinson via knockdown in the second round. Netflix is scheduling a live boxing contest between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson, the former heavyweight champion. On July 20, Netflix will host the fight at Texas’ AT&T Stadium, making it accessible to all its users. Additional details, including the undercard and co-main event, will be released later. Netflix, in collaboration with Jake Paul and Nakisa Bidarian’s Most Valuable Promotions (MVP), is developing the event. Both Jake Paul and Tyson are already featured on fight cards together.

Jake Paul participated during the co-main events of the pay-per, which saw Tyson fighting Roy Jones Jr. in a preview fight in 2020. It was Tyson’s return to boxing since 2006. In his second professional boxing battle, Paul beat retired NBA star Nate Robinson via knockdown in the second round. Solomon Ward’s Michael B. Abramson represented Paul and Most Valuable Promotions in court. Andrew Ruf represented Tyson at Paradigm. This is Netflix’s most recent foray into the live sports industry. The most recent tennis match between Rafael Nadal and Carlos Alcaraz was featured on the massive streaming service, “The Netflix Slam.” Before that, “The Netflix Cup,” a golf competition, was shown.

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