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“Revealing the Legacy: Unveiling Cyclops & Jean Grey’s Child in X-Men ’97”?


Marvel’s X-Men ’97 revealed the birth of Gran Gray and Scott Summers’ son, but what does son mean? Although X-Men ’97 is not connected to the MCU, the sequel remains as exciting as ever. Part of this is the mystery of who Jane Grey’s son might be. While parts of the first two episodes make it clear that axmen ’97 will change comic book history, Scott and Jane’s children may be comic book characters, but it’s unclear who got them changed.

The biggest clue that Scott and Jane are having a baby is their name. In Marvel Comics, he named his son Nathan, and there are two variations of this name. While this version doesn’t help explain who she is, it does confirm that she is not a new character to the series. However, fans will have to wait until X-Men ’97 to get their questions answered.

X-Men ’97: Why the series’ blend of nostalgia and originality is just what Marvel needs right now?

Marvel’s reboot of the axmen series marks a turning point for the franchise after several missteps. This story contains minor spoilers for the first two episodes of X-Men 97.

Modern audiences are greeted with stunning 2D graphics, including Ron Wasserman’s reimagining of the axmen synthesizer riff from the original X-Men ’97 series. Since its inception, Marvel has performed a delicate balancing act, blending nostalgia and new life into fan-favorite series. A wonderful balance between loyal and new Marvel fans.

Redux picks up where the original left off: X-Men. Animated series: After the death of the popular superhero team’s founder, Professor Charles Quirin, the remaining axmen include Cyclops (Ray Chase), Gran Gray (Jennifer Hale), Wolverine (Kel Dodd), and Rogue (Lenore Zahn). . Storm (Alison Sally Smith) and Beast (George Bosa) must pick up the pieces in a mutant-centric world.

The original series ran from 1992 to 1997 and is considered a classic for ’90s kids. When the 2024 series was first announced in 2021, the current IP (the X-Men franchise was owned by Originally at (20th Century Fox), Marvel seemed aimed at winning back its core audience by rebooting the franchise for new, younger fans, but it was a big sell at Disney in 2017.


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