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Pokemon Franchise Celebrates Birthday & Launch New Events


The Pokémon franchise celebrates its birthday on February 27th. And this is usually the day when the Pokémon Company launches games and events.

Today’s Pokémon presentation accidentally started after Pikachu, which quickly led some fans to think they’d be getting a Let Go Johto game at the end of the presentation. (That’s me. This is an “interesting” person.) However, Johto doesn’t need to worry too much. As no canceled games were announced today. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t advertising problems.

The show begins with a predictable twist. More trouble for Scarlett and Violet. Three new first generation modes will be available in the game. As always, we will be the “strongest symbols” of Pokémon evolution. You can do one thing for each activity. But you can continue to receive unlimited rewards once this event starts.

Catch up on Pokémon Day festivities, including news about a new game!

28 years ago, the first Pokémon™ Red and Pokémon Green games appeared in Japan. Since then Various experiences It’s like a roller coaster, with games, shows, tours, and so much more.

To be a part of today’s entertainment We have a short example. Here are the new games coming to the Nintendo Switch™ system in 2025.

Pokémon UNITE

A special event is currently underway in Pokémon UNITE starting today. Stay tuned for events that will add Miraidan, Sunshine Style Venusaur, Holoware, and more to your game. See the game for details.

Pokémon™ Café ReMix

Something new happened Play Cookies and Laws to win different prizes by collecting items that Pokémon drop between puzzles. Collect coins from Gimmihall and see what else you can find.

Additionally, fans of Koraidon and Miraidan might want to check out the new bingo items. That will allow these amazing (and cute) Pokémon to join your cafe team. Watch the game at the time of each event. Just like Pokemon UNITE, you can download Pokemon Cafe Remix on Nintendo Switch for free.

Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

Three Tera Red Battle Specials* join the Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet competition. Prepare your team because the ultra-powerful Vensor, the ultra-powerful Blastoise, and the most powerful Charizard are on their way! Everyone has different seasons. So please check your calendar.


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