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The Real History Behind FX’s Shogun?


An adaptation of the 1975 novel by James Clavell explores the stories of British sailor William Adams, Shogun Tokugawa Iyasu and Japanese nobleman Hosokawa Gracia.

When a powerful Japanese soldier eager to defeat his country at war learned that a group of European sailors had landed on the southern coast of April 1600, he was eager to meet their leader. …. …. …. …. Tokugawa Ieyasu believed that foreigners would support his views. The Dutch captain was too ill to be replaced by the English navigator William Adams.

In a letter to his wife, Adam wrote: “When [Iyasu] arrived, he treated me well and seemed surprised.” I write the name of my village and the distance from our village points.” An ancient descendant. West Indies, and want trade friendship with all the kings and queens mad, our country has what other countries do not have.

‘Shogun’ Series Premiere Recap?

Joanna Robinson and Rob Mahoney got together to break down the two-episode premiere of the new FX series “Shogun.” It has roots in epic history, selections from the original adaptation, and links to James Clavell’s novel of the same name. Then he talks about the introduction of the three actors of the series (John Blackthorne, Yoshi Toranga and Toda Mariko), their place in the story so far, and the power struggle in the first group lead. They concluded by highlighting their preferences in production, including different techniques and poor quality clothing.

‘Shogun’ on FX reimagines the classic Japanese story fascinatingly?

NEW YORK CITY — Shogun, the TV show based on the books that sold millions of copies in the 1980s and spawned a TV miniseries, began airing Tuesday. “Shogun” – this version for FX – not only explores Japanese culture and its centuries-old roots, but also includes intimate conversations with experts about the country’s domestic history. history

The original “Shogun” miniseries was one of the best shows of the 1980s, with nearly a third of all Americans alive at the time watching at least one episode. The new 10-episode version recreates the beautiful story. “Shogun” is a great epic about the fortunes and desires of three men set in a country in turmoil – Japan as it was more than 400 years ago. The government was at war when the western ship John Blackthorne sank off the coast. Lord Toranaga also appointed a trusted adviser to represent the sailor – Toda Mariko, played by Anna Sawai.


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