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Ohtani’s interpreter fired after connection to illegal gambling


The interpreter for Dodgers phenom Shohei Ohtani was sacked by the team on Wednesday after he was charged with “massive theft” concerning an unlawful bookmaking enterprise. Ippei Mizuhara, who has been Ohtani’s personal friend and interpreter since he joined the Majors in 2018, is reportedly accused of spending “millions of dollars” of his money to make wagers with an allegedly illegal bookmaker who is presently the subject of a federal investigation, according to the Los Angeles Times.

According to the Times,

Ohtani’s name had come up in Mathew Bowyer’s inquiry, which is why Ohtani’s lawyers wanted to claim Mizuhara. Because In the process of responding to recent media queries, the legal firm Berk Brettler revealed that Shohei had been the victim of a major theft. “We are turning the matter over to the authorities,” the statement to the newspaper said. The individuals close to the Times claim that Mizuhara wagered with Bowyer and then misled the Dodgers about the Times’ investigations. During the Dodgers’ season-opening series in Seoul, Mizuhara has been interpreting for Ohtani; but, according to the Times, the team sacked him on Wednesday. An MLB insider claims that the league has not heard from federal prosecutors and was not aware of the matter before being approached by the media.

The Dodgers issued the following statement:

“The Dodgers are keeping an eye on media rumors and are gathering information.” The club can confirm that the interpreter, Ippei Mizuhara, has been fired. The team has nothing else to say at this time.” Although Bowyer’s house was seized by federal authorities last year as part of an inquiry. His attorney, Diane Bass, told the Times that her client has not been charged with any crimes. Additionally, Bass disclosed to the Times that Bowyer and Ohtani never spoke. “Shohei Ohtani and Matthew Bowyer never met, spoke, texted, or had any other kind of contact,” Bass stated.

Mizuhara underlined that point on Wednesday in an interview with ESPN. One day after offering an alternative account of what happened. “I want everyone to know that Shohei was not involved in any betting at all,” he declared. “I want it known to everyone that I had no idea that this was illegal. The hard way taught me my lesson. I promise not to wager on sports ever again.” “I never bet on baseball, that’s 100%,” Mizuhara added. That regulation was known to me. In Spring Training, we hold a meeting to discuss it.

Rule 21(d)(3) of Major League Baseball stipulates that any individual who places bets with illegal bookmakers. Or agents for such bookmakers, bettors, umpires, Club or League officials, or employees. And the Commissioner shall impose the appropriate penalty based on the circumstances and facts of the conduct. Pitcher Jarred Cosart of the Marlins was penalized by MLB in 2015 for breaking Rule 21 (d)(3). Even though the league found that Cosart had not placed a baseball wager.

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