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North Carolina allows early voting. It’s almost Super Tuesday.


Donald Trump made a late-stage campaign stop in Greensboro this past weekend in an effort to energize his followers and assist Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson of North Carolina, one of the GOP contenders vying to represent his party in the governor’s race. The visit came just before the Super Tuesday primary. Nikki Haley, a former governor of South Carolina and ambassador to the United Nations, continued her unlikely campaign to defeat Trump in the Republican primary by holding a rally in Charlotte. Additionally, Vice President Kamala Harris visited Durham on Friday in support of President Joe Biden. Congressman Jeff Jackson and two rivals, Durham District Attorney Santana Deberry and Tim Dunn, are fighting for the Democratic nominee in the State Attorney General primary.

Congressman Dan Bishop, a Republican with no primary opponent,

will be the winner’s opponent. Eleven candidates are on the GOP primary ballot for lieutenant governor, while there is a three-way battle among Democrats seeking that position. Because the timing of processing early votes was altered by a law passed by the Republican-led North Carolina General Assembly, state elections officials are encourage voters to cast ballots on primary election day, but they ask that they exercise patience while they await the results. Election boards used to be able to tabulate early and mail-in votes before Election Day. Then, the recorded results can be made public as soon as the polls on Election Day closed at 7:30 p.m.

The new law states that tabulators cannot be used to process early votes until after polls close on election day. That indicates a delayed start to a multi-step procedure, State Elections Director Karen Brinson Bell said reporters. “To tabulate and close down those machines, to export the results and upload those into our system,” she said. If a front-runner fails to receive more than thirty percent of the vote in a primary. A runoff primary, often known as a second primary, may be held in May. State elections officials estimate that 690,000 voters have already completed their mail-in and in-person votes during the 17-day early voting session. That is around 80,000 fewer votes than were cast in the 2020 primaries early on.

Bell notified voters of a revised deadline

For delivering absentee ballots by the end of polls on Election Day, which is 7:30 p.m.  And that as primary Election Day approaches, it is already too late to mail one in. “You’ll can simply mail it off at the county Commissioner of Election charge,” they stated. Alternatively, she stated, voters who have asked for an absentee ballot. But have not yet completed it can dispose of it and cast their ballot in person at the polls.

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