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Coinbase Users Saw Zero Balances Again As Bitcoin Rallies?


Coinbase Global Inc., USA The largest company. Some cryptocurrency traders reported not seeing a balance in their accounts and were paid for the second time in less than a week. The problem came when Bitcoin reached its all-time high of $69,000. Bitcoin rose 7.5 per cent to $67,000 on Monday. The company said the problem affected “several users” and that their “assets are safe.” Last week, users made mistakes when buying and selling.

According to a Coinbase spokesperson, Monday’s announcement is “for informational purposes only.” The company later said it had “announced an update that fixes an issue that appears to affect user account balances and restrictions on” On Friday, the New York State Department of the Treasury “continually communicates with regulatory agencies, including and Coinbase. To understand any risks or issues that may affect consumers or merchants.”

Cryptocurrencies are often shut down during periods of extreme activity in Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Such positions are usually occupied by entrepreneurs to participate in the business. Coinbase saw 10x normal traffic last week. Some companies are preparing for additional changes by accelerating. Trading platform wasn’t abandoned last week, but according to CEO Chris Marszalek, it’s poised for a big boost in 2021.

“We’re learning in 2021 that these vehicle attacks are difficult to counter,” Marszalek said. “We spent two years trying to fix things and make things better.” Similarly, cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp has “a number of options to mitigate these risks,” said Robert Zagota, CEO of Bitstamp USA.

“I think the next quarter will be very strong.”

David Schwede, CEO of Halborn, another blockchain security firm, told Coinbase that the technical issues show how the crypto market’s infrastructure is being used to meet growing supply and demand. “It is a learning experience for the company. We are moving in many directions,” said the Swede.

Coinbase Legal Chief Downplays Court Ruling On Crypto As Securities In Insider Trading Case?

In a press release, Coinbase General Counsel Paul Grewal downplayed the impact of a recent. Digital Court ruling that treats certain digital assets as securities in the secondary market. The decision stems from a business case by former Coinbase product manager Ishan Wahi, his brother Nihil Wahi and friend Samir Ramani.

In 2022, the US Securities and Exchange Commission charged Wan with providing inside information to Nihil Wah and Raman about Coinbase’s upcoming IPO. As a result, Nihil Wahi and Ramani disclosed that they received cryptocurrencies before the IPO and received cryptocurrencies from the company after the listing. The SEC settled charges against the Wahi brothers and other Ramans in May 2023.


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