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Nikki Haley wins the Vermont Republican primary

Nikki Haley

Amid numerous state calls for former President Donald Trump, former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley emerged victorious in the Republican presidential primary in Vermont, according to NBC News projections. This is Nikki Haley’s first Super Tuesday victory. Despite Nikki Haley’s close loss in Vermont, Trump is increasing his lead in national delegates with victories in other Super Tuesday races. However, in Vermont, his vulnerability to independents and other non-core Republicans running in this year’s GOP primary was evident. Haley’s team has been highlighting New England states like Vermont for weeks as part of her future strategy. Any registered voter in the state may enter the Republican primary and compete for the nomination. This is known as the open primary system.

The Nikki Haley team stated that

“there will be an opportunity for Nikki” on Super Tuesday due to those rules in a memo sent out before the New Hampshire primary on January 23. “The primes are either completely or somewhat accessible in 11 of the sixteen states that are hosting Super Tuesday events. Approximately two-thirds of the 875 delegates up for grabs on Super Tuesday are located in states with either open or semi-open primaries, the document continued. Get real-time updates on 2024’s Super Tuesday. Along with Governor Chris Sununu of neighboring New Hampshire, Nikki Haley was joined at a rally on Sunday in South Vermont’s Burlington town by Governor Phil Scott, one of just two governors of Republicans to have endorsed her.

Given that “70% of Americans say they don’t want Donald Trump or Joe Biden,” Nikki Haley vowed to fight on behalf of the crowd. She continued by asking her followers to “send them a message for me.” We have an option in a general election. In the primary, we get to choose. Now is the moment for us to decide. But by Tuesday night, when NBC News predicted Haley’s victory in Vermont, Trump had already secured victories in 11 more states and increased his lead in delegates. After winning the low-turnout Washington, D.C. primary over the weekend. Haley is victorious in two contests in 2024: Vermont and Washington.

For weeks, Nikki Haley campaign

Has been evading inquiries about her post-Super Tuesday trajectory. Additionally, Nikki Haley campaign manager, Betsy Ankney. Told reporters during a press conference call that the campaign had “rolled out leadership teams in most of the states from now until the last week of March. Including Georgia and Washington state,” ahead of the GOP primary in Nikki Haley home state of South Carolina. She continued, “We have infrastructure for these states from now through the end of March.”

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