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Biden Loses American Samoa Democratic Caucuses?

American Samoa

President Biden is expected to lead the Democratic Party in American Samoa to victory on Super Tuesday by closing in on an unknown candidate. The race was announced on Tuesday night by the Democratic Decision Making Center (DDHK), which confirmed the results with the AS, Eastern Samoa Democratic Party. Jason Palmer, a Democrat who has long opposed the term, plans to run for the United States Senate. Winning Democratic district races.

According to the campaign’s PR Newswire, Palmer can only hold events in 16 states and territories. Palmer was more active in the area. As a nation, AS, Eastern Samoa has no electoral votes in the general election, but could send 11 more delegates to the Democratic National Convention this year. Palmer and Bydin each received 3 delegates.

Democrat Michael Bloomberg won the 2020 Super Tuesday race in AS, Eastern Samoa where candidate Biden won by single digits. American Samoa held its own party competition on Super Tuesday, March 5, with dozens of states participating, with hundreds of delegates at each table. The campaign aims to boost former President Biden and Republican candidates aligned with Trump, who are struggling to assert control over their party leaders.

Where is American Samoa?

American Samoa is 2,500 km from Hawaii. Samoa Samoa includes the western part of the island of Eastern Samoa.

How many people live in American Samoa?

According to the AP, fewer than 50,000 people live on the islands.

Can American Samoa vote for president?

AS, Eastern Samoa is an unincorporated and unincorporated territory of the United States. It is stated on the website of the state’s representative that individuals born outside the United States are considered citizens when voting in state and federal elections and holding certain government positions.

Does American Samoa have representation in Congress?

AS, Eastern Samoa elects a parliamentary representative every two years. A representative attends meetings of the House of Representatives, including voting in committees, but cannot vote in meetings. Amua Amata Coleman Radewagen has held this position since 2015.



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