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NASCAR overtime rules, explained: How iT works for Cup Series races in 2024


Finally, NASCAR has decided on the overtime structure.

NASCAR has made changes to the green-white-checkered procedure in an attempt to streamline the process of terminating races without having to extend the caution period. The present regulations for NASCAR Overtime make the greatest sense, yet no race can conclude cautiously. There was a period when overtime did not exist. Races may now go longer than the allotted distance by up to ten laps. This is the whole NASCAR OT explanation. JEFF BERRY, HENDERSONVILLE’S CUP DRIVER: Who is he? With links to Taylor Swift, the Elder NASCAR rookie takes Kevin Harvick’s position. ALL SET TO GO: Before the 2024 Daytona 500, Chase Elliott tested his shoulder following offseason surgery. LIVE UPDATES: Daytona 500 updates: Following a postponement, Monday is scheduled as the main event in NASCAR.

What is a green-white-checkered finish, sometimes referred to as NASCAR overtime?

Green-white-checkered finishes are known as NASCAR Overtime under the NASCAR brand. These are how NASCAR prolongs a race to give itself a chance to finish with a green flag. The idea of NASCAR OT is to either enable the race to end naturally under green, or at the very least, to continue to the last lap of the race under green. In the event of a late-race yellow, the field will restart with two laps remaining and the race distance extended. With two laps remaining, NASCAR will repeat the procedure if there is one more yellow before the white flag.

The race is declared “official” when the field raises the white flag; otherwise, it is terminated by the following flag, which may be yellow or checkered. After almost ten years of rule adjustments by the sanctioning authority, the format is now straightforward. Since the 2004 season, when National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing OT was first introduced, the series has made changes to the number of green-white-checkered tries, the criteria for whether an OT effort counts as the last and official try, and the confusing establishment of an OT line in the backstretch. It’s easy now: two laps with an infinite number of chances to reach the last circuit under green. The race is over when the next flag is flown, which is the white flag.

How many attempts will the Cup Series make in a race at NASCAR OT?

To reach a natural finish, the Cup Series will have an infinite number of opportunities to use National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing Overtime.

In NASCAR overtime, how can a race finish?

There are two possible outcomes for National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing over time.

  • After the field completes the two laps, the race is declared over by flying the checkered flag.
  • After the field completes one lap, the final lap is cautioned. For the time being, the field is frozen.

In the two-lap “OT,” if the field completes one lap, the race is over at the next flag.

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