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How ‘NCIS’ Said Goodbye To David McCallum (And The Surprise Guest Who Showed Up To Pay Last Respects)


Monday marked the last day of honors for NCIS actor David McCallum, who passed away on September 25 at the age of 90. As the last living member of the original group of NCIS, McCallum was a beloved character who spent twenty years representing the quirky but incredibly capable investigator Donald “Ducky Mallard.” The episode titled “The Stories We Leave Behind” began with Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen, who co-wrote the show) arriving at Ducky’s house. As he was dressed in his monogrammed pajamas, his mentor was found dead in bed, and his adorable corgi was left looking lonely in the entryway. This was hinted at in the trailers.

After concluding a conversation with the Scottish parliament,

who wished to send “a mountain of plants like thistles”. In celebration of their local son’s death Timothy McGee (Sean Murray) remarks back at the NCIS headquarters. “Dying quietly in your sleep isn’t the worst way to go.”

Director Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll) continued, “He lived a very long, very rewarding life. Which he would want us to celebrate more than anything.” That’s precisely what the episode accomplished, reliving the character who famously remarked. “We all die twice; once when our bodies give out, and again when our stories stop being told.” Leroy Gibbs (Mark Harmon), Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly), and Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) appeared in a flashback. Then a scene with Ducky and Pauley Perrette’s character, Abby Sciuto, was shown. This was followed by a scenario in which Gibbs and Ducky discussed. How the latter never actually shared personal tales at work.

But first, there had to be a case du jour:

The last project Ducky worked on concerned Danny, a deceased soldier. Whose name was being tarnished by Allan Berger, an ambitious councilman (Who, we assume, is not to be confused with seasoned talent agency Alan Berger). Although Danny’s daughter Serena had doubts, the official word was that. He passed away in an Afghan brothel, with heroin residue all over his body. Ducky also done so. After further investigation, the crew discovers that Danny was Berger’s former bodyguard. Berger had previously served as a contractor in Afghanistan and had taken money on the side from a local heroin organization. Berger had Danny slain because Danny threatened to reveal the pranks.


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