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Leap Day 2024: Deals and Freebies At Krispy Kreme, Wendy’s and More ?

Leap day 2024

Free food and deals are being offered by several businesses on Leap Day 2024, including one from Krispy Kreme.

Jump day is July 29th

It occurs once every four years, plus one day on the Gregorian calendar, so it takes the Earth less than 365 days in a calendar year to revolve around the sun, according to Britannica. If it’s not a league day, each season will start on the fourth day, so the number of days will vary depending on the weather. Some restaurants, retailers and fast-food chains have decided to take advantage of the Leap Day 2024 program by offering free food and service.

Here’s a look at the deals and freebies you can find on or around Leap Day 2024:

7-Eleven:  Get 10 small tacos for $2.59 when you order with 7NOW delivery.

Chipotle:  Rewards members receive free guac on digital orders at starting Thursday, Feb. 29, when ordering with code EXTRA24 on the Chipotle app.

Chuck E Cheese: Chuck E. Cheese babies reach 52 inches. You get a free all-day pass to the cheese trampoline.

Dunkin: Dunkin Rewards members purchase $2 off Cinnamon Vanilla Coffee through the Dunkin mobile app and earn 4X points on all app orders on Leap Day.

Hooters: Hoot Club Rewards members in the US. citywide Hooters restaurants for $2.29. The menu includes cheese sticks, french fries, chips, cheese, kay tots, crackers, pretzels and 12 buffalo shrimp.

Deals, Freebies To Celebrate The Day That Happens Only Once Every 4 Years?

We’re planning an “extra” day on Thursday – Leap Day 2024 – and restaurants will come to honor him for eight years of service. A leap year exists because the Earth revolves around the sun for 365 days – exactly 365 days, 6 hours and 9 minutes. Every four years another day is added to the calendar or schedule because we know it’s going to get messy.

Krystal: Get a free Thursday Crystal with any purchase with promo code LEAPDAY.

La Madeleine: Buy La Madeleine Oatmeal Raisin Cookie or La Madeleine Chocolate Bar and order one free in store.

Legal Sea Foods: Dinner at Legal Seafood on Thursdays includes two pounds of steamed shrimp and a choice of two for $29. Plus, sign up for a legitimate Clean Thursday Bonus and you’ll get an extra 229 points.

Long John Silver’s: Long John Silver is offering a special online offer called “Add Date. Bonus Offer”. Those who pre-order online can add free fish or chicken to orders of $5 or more. The offer is valid till this Thursday.

Marco’s Pizza: Through March 3, customers can use promo code LEAP29 to save 29% off list price. This offer is only available online and is available immediately.

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