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Jimmy Carter Marks One Year in Hospice care

Jimmy Carter

One year ago today, President Jimmy Carter entered a funeral home for the first time at the age of 98 in Plains, Georgia. Now 99 years old, he is the longest-serving president of the United States. Experts hope that caring for their patients at the end of life will simultaneously raise awareness and hope for others. On February 18, 2023, the Carter Center announced that the 39th President of the United States “has decided to spend the remainder of his time at home with his family and accept caregiving.”

Nursing is defined as the care of critically ill patients. According to the American Academy of Nursing and Rehabilitation Medicine, people enter a nursing home when they have six months or more to live. The important thing is not other treatments, but the reduction of pain and stress at the end of life. But Jimmy Carter proved to be a trooper. Twelve months and an incredible birthday later, she’s going strong.

President Jimmy Carter says, “It’s Very Powerful,” As He Marks a Year After Entering Hospice Care

Last February, Carter decided to stop taking his medication and stay home with his family. According to experts, his visit to the people has changed since the end of the treatment.

When President Jimmy Carter announced last February that he was reopening nursing care, the world was ready to say goodbye. But 12 months on, the long-serving former president has defied public speculation, still watching sports on TV and spending time with his grandchildren. Georgia has long since built its great country out of heat.

Jimmy’s time at the hotel was an unexpected blessing for the Carters, as their grandson Jason told PEOPLE in September, “It added a lot of time” to our time together, but it gave us a chance to talk about our relationship with … the whole world.”

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Last year was full of emotions for the Carters. Just three months after Jimmy’s treatment ended, First Lady Rosalyn Carter was diagnosed with mental illness.

Rosaline’s research has changed her mind, but her happy face and her everyday life have not changed – she spends her days next to her husband Jimmy, gently holding his hand. In a September interview, Jason said they live together at home in love and peace, no matter what. “This love story shows that his life still goes on.”


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