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2 police officers, paramedic die in Burnsville, Minnesota, shooting: Live updates


The authorities in Burnsville, Minnesota said that early on Sunday morning, while attending to a domestic incident, two police officers, a firefighter, and another officer were shot and killed. According to a news statement from the city, the incident started at 1:50 a.m. CT when Burnsville police were called to a house where a man was reportedly armed and trapped with family members. The city stated in the release that “after arriving, the situation developed into gunfire with responders.” Three males were shot and killed, while Sgt. Adam Medlicott, another cop, was hurt and sent to the hospital. According to the city, it is thought that his injuries were not dangerous.

The three victims were named by Burnsville city officials as firefighter/paramedic Adam Finseth, 40, and cops Paul Elmstrand and Matthew Ruge, both 27. The news announcement states that the suspect, who has not been named, was also dead. According to officials, the other family members were able to escape the house and were uninjured. During a press conference on Sunday, Superintendent Drew Evans of the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension stated that there were seven children in the residence, ranging in age from two to fifteen. He said that someone inside the house made the 911 call.

The gentleman said that the unknown individual fired at the police

“from multiple positions within the home” while carrying “several guns and a large amount of ammunition.” He said that several guns had been found inside the house. The suspect will be identified by the medical examiner after reviewing the officers’ body camera footage, according to Evans. Monday is the day for investigations. Residents are requested to stay away while the event is being investigated. The city stated, even though there isn’t an active threat in the region. During the press conference, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz declared, “Minnesota mourns with you.”

In an online post, Walz showed his support for the victims’ families. The bravery and daily sacrifices made by our police officers and first responders are something we should never take for granted. The whole State of Minnesota is standing with Burnsville today, and my heart is with their families,” stated Walz. Additionally, the governor announced that on Monday, all flags in Minnesota will be flown at half-staff and that the state Department of Public Safety is “coordinating with local law enforcement to conduct an investigation.” Following reports of local police officers engaged in a “domestic-related shooting,” agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco. Firearms and Explosives were dispatched to the location, as the agency had earlier announced. About 15 miles to the south of Minneapolis is Burnsville.

The families of the victims are also receiving help,

according to a labor union representative who represents Minnesota law enforcement and first responders. The family of the police and first responders who went to a domestic call this morning is in. Our thoughts and prayers, Jim Mortenson, executive director of the Law Enforcement Labor Services union, said to CNN. Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota said in a statement that she and her husband are praying for the policemen. They carried out their duties. They were defending our neighborhood.

This morning, John and I are saying prayers for them, their families, and the Burnsville Police Department,” Klobuchar stated. Elmstrand became a member of the police force in 2017 and was given a promotion to officer status in 2019, according to department authorities. July 2019 saw his promotion to Officer. He served in the field training unit, Honor Guard, peer team, and mobile command staff of the department, according to the city’s press announcement. 2020 saw Ruge join the organization. In addition to being a physical evidence officer, he was a member of the department’s crisis negotiating unit, according to officials. Since 2019, Finseth has worked for the city as a paramedic and firefighter. We will be updating this story as it develops.

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