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How To Reset My Apple Watch?

Apple Watch

Apple Watch requires an iPhone to work and stays connected until it’s updated. You can’t pair it with another iPhone without resetting the clock. This makes it impossible to sell or transfer your Watch without resetting it.

Not only can you delete your Watch data and remove it from your iPhone, but you can also remove the wearable device from your Apple ID and correct it. A new iPhone.

In addition to selling a watch, there may be times when you can send it to a family member or friend and return it. If you’re having problems with your Watch and you’ve tried everything, it might be worth doing a reset.

It’s also a quick way to delete all data stored on your watch, including podcasts, music, apps, and more. If you want to start from scratch, make sure you don’t restore an updated backup of your Watch.

Reasons to Reset Your Apple Watch

  • Troubleshoot software problems
  • Delete personal data before transferring ownership
  • Pair it with your new iPhone

Fortunately, setting up your Apple Watch is easy and only takes 10 minutes. We’ll lead the way up the steps.

What you need to do before you reset your Apple Watch?

If you’re resetting your device before repairing, updating, or pairing it with a new iPhone, make sure to reset your Watch before you start. This step is not necessary if you reset your device before transferring ownership.

Data and settings (such as apps, watch settings, fitness history, and gifts and playlists) are only associated with your paired iPhone. As long as you regularly back up your iPhone, your Watch data should remain in the Cloud. If you haven’t backed up your iPhone in a while, you should do so before resetting your watch. Go to Settings > Your Name > iCloud > iCloud Backup > on your iPhone, then select Backup Up Next.

If your Watch battery is low, make sure to charge it before resetting it.

How Do I Reset Apple Watch From iPhone?

Now select “Remove Apple Watch” at the bottom of the menu and confirm your choice again. If you have a mobile phone you will be asked if you want to keep your mobile subscription. If you want to pair this watch with the same iPhone, it’s a good idea to keep it. Otherwise, cancel your subscription when the clock moves to another room.

Finally, remove the activation key by entering your Apple ID password and then “Enter” again. Your iPhone Watch will be reset and reset to “good as new” again. Once this process is complete, you can sell the watch, transfer it, or restart the pairing process with your iPhone.

How to reset Apple Watch without iPhone?

If you don’t have an iPhone controller that the watch is connected to, you can still update it, but there is an additional step to remove the activation key. Tap the cursor, turn it on, and select Settings > General > Reset.

Click “Delete all content and settings” and enter your password when prompted.

If you have a phone model, choose to keep your phone plan (if you return the watch to an iPhone) or cancel it (if you sell or donate it). Now press the “Blackout All” button to confirm and wait for the clock to reset. If you choose this option, your money will not be refunded.

Finally, if someone else starts using the watch (with a different Apple ID), you will also need to remove it from Find By. You can do this through the Find Me app or website on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Open a web browser and go to and sign in with your Apple ID. Click Find Me, then click the All Devices tab above the card to select your Apple Watch.

Apple Watch

Frequently asked Questions


If I reset my Apple Watch, will I lose my data?

Resetting your Watch will erase all stored data.

Watch data is stored directly on its paired iPhone as long as they were recent in range of each other. So, when your iPhone is set, the data on your Watch is also set.

Included in the Apple Watch backup:

  • App data (for stock apps) and settings
  • App layout for the Home screen
  • Watch faces
  • Dock settings
  • System settings
  • Health and Fitness data
  • Time zone
  • Synced photos and playlists
  • Notification settings

Apple Watch Backup Not Included:

  • The Watch passcode
  • Saved credit/debit cards for Apple Pay
  • Saved Bluetooth connections

What is the new Apple Watch?

Other new watches from Apple include Watch Series 8, Watch Ultra, and Watch SE. But older models like the Apple Watch Series 6 are still functional and affordable.

Does resetting my Apple Watch reset my iPhone?

No, resetting the Watch will not reset the iPhone. This only affects the Watch.

How to resync Apple Watch?

To resynchronize Watch after work, turn on Watch and bring it near your iPhone. Your iPhone will recognize the watch and ask if you want to fix it. When prompted, tap your Watch screen on your iPhone’s camera viewfinder to match. Continue to follow the on-screen instructions to restore all backups or select new options.

How to update your Apple Watch?

To update your Watch, open the Watch app on your iPhone. Select General and click Software Update. Your iPhone will automatically check to see if these updates are available for your Watch.



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