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Ghosts Season 3 Release Schedule: When Do New Episodes Air?


Flowers, I hope you can finally hug the butterflies in the sky. Yes, you read that right: The CBS comedy’s third season premiere has a ghost among ghosts after the cast bid farewell to Flowers.

Thursday the series finally returns (after a delay due to the invasion). We find out which ghosts will be sent to the afterlife. After several false revelations, Ghost reveals that it was Flower (Sheila Carrasco) who was “feeding” at the end of season two, as seen by Sam (Rose McIver) and Jay (Utkash M. Bunker).

This post contains details from the Season 3 premiere of CBS‘ Ghosts.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the residents of Wood Stone Mansion.

The second season of CBS’ Ghosts has ended, leaving viewers with a cliffhanger as the ghost is finally gone. Or “kihili” as some spirits call it. Jay [Bunker Utkash M] and Sam [Rose McIver], like the audience, don’t know who left the house.

In the third season premiere, no time was wasted in solving the mystery. After a quick read, Jay and Sam discover that the flowers have finally crossed the border. Bad news for Thor, who has a crush on flowers. Meanwhile, some people have mixed feelings about her parting, because even though she has forgotten her friend, her time is also waiting.

The rest revolves around the aftermath of Flower’s loss as everyone tries to find their way to grieve. The show’s executive producers and showrunners spoke with Deadline about Flower’s departure and what we can expect from this short season.



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