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3.8 magnitude earthquake rattles San Bernardino County


At 11:38 p.m. on Thursday, an earthquake of magnitude 3.8 occurred in San Bernardino County, not far from Ontario. The impact was felt in places such as Los Angeles, San Clemente, and Escondido, as well as in nearby areas like Riverside and San Bernardino.

The United States Geological Survey estimates that the earthquake began around eight kilometers below the surface. On Thursday night, an earthquake with a magnitude of 3.8 occurred in the San Bernardino County region. The United States Geological Survey claims that the earthquake was recorded at approximately 11:38 p.m.

About two miles southeast of Ontario, close to the Ontario International Airport, was the epicenter of the earthquake. The United States Geological Survey measured the temblor at a depth of about 7.4 miles. In California, there are hundreds of documented earthquakes annually. The majority are quite small, but many have magnitudes more than 3.0.

The largest recorded earthquake in California occurred on January 9, 1857, and struck Fort Tejon, measuring 7.9 magnitude, according to the California Department of Conservation. You may use this interactive map from KTLA to stay up to date on the most recent earthquakes in Southern California.

What’s the term for an earthquake?

An earthquake is caused by a sudden release of strain energy in the crust of the Earth. Which causes shaking waves to radiate outward from the source of the earthquake. A new or pre-existing fault plane is where the rock fractures when stresses in the crust exceed its strength.

Why do earthquakes happen?

The plates that make up the earth are always moving slowly. But friction causes them to become trapped at their borders. An earthquake occurs when stress on the edge exceeds friction. Releasing energy in the form of waves that travel through the crust of the earth and produce the shaking we experience.

What are the top five reasons why earthquakes occur?

The shifting of plate tectonics, volcanic eruptions, underground explosions. Induced earthquakes caused by human activity, etc. are the main causes of earthquakes. In addition to this, a variety of geological elements, as well as natural occurrences and human activities, may produce earthquakes.


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