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Fani Willis: Trump prosecutor gives fiery testimony


Mr Trump lawyers alleged that Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’s relationship with Nathan Wade, whom she hired, proved a conflict of interest. At a hearing called by accusations of self-dealing that might potentially jeopardize the indictment, two senior prosecutors revealed under oath their sexual relationship, setting off a dramatic development in the Georgia election subversion case against Donald Trump and 14 of his friends. The session began with a heated argument between defense attorneys and Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis on the witness stand, which led to multiple rebukes from the court during the heated exchange.

After some of Trump’s co-defendants revealed claims of a relationship between Willis and Nathan Wade—whom she hired in 2021 to join the prosecution team—Judge Scott McAfee called the hearing.
Due to a potential conflict of interest, Trump and his co-defendants want the judge to exclude Willis’ team from the case or to dismiss the accusations. To determine whether Willis benefited monetarily from hiring Wade, there was a discussion on the exchange of cash between the two, where they keep their money at home, how they use CashApp, and their spending patterns. Willis will remain on the stand for the remainder of the hearing on Friday. The judge declared that he would not be deciding on Friday. Here are some key points to remember from the sometimes-astonishing, embarrassing, and intensely personal hearing.

A defiant afternoon on the stand for Willis

In American courtrooms, the events of Thursday are incredibly uncommon. Under oath, the district attorney who has accused Trump of racketeering defended her morals and responded to inquiries about her relationship with Wade.

Willis’ credibility is at stake, and the dangers could not be higher.

Things went terribly wrong very fast. Acting more like a prosecutor than a typical witness, Willis raised objections, engaged in debate with the defense team. Presented his case in court, and even had interactions with the judge. At one point, she even raised her voice. McAfee chastised her and the other lawyers in the courtroom for not acting with “professionalism” and for “talking over each other” as a result of this. Both before and after the judge’s reprimand, Willis accused a few of the defense lawyers of spreading falsehoods on numerous occasions. You’ve told lies in this. “I believe you committed a lie right here,” Willis said to lawyer Ashleigh Merchant. Gesturing to copies of documents that contained charges of nepotism and self-dealing.

“I’m not in court,” Willis states

Willis took advantage of multiple occasions to protect herself.

Up until the point when she entered the room to take the stand, the district attorney. Had battled to get her to show up for both the hearing on Thursday and Wade’s ongoing divorce procedures. She began her evidence by stating that she “ran to the courtroom”. Because she was “very anxious” to defend herself. Willis responded, “You think I’m on trial,” in her most acerbic outburst of the day. She pointed to the table containing the lawyers for the defendants in the criminal case and said. “These people are on trial for trying to steal an election in 2020.” “No matter how hard you try to put me on trial, I’m not on trial.”

Subsequently, she attacked the defense lawyers, labeling them as “intrusive” and “confused.” Willis attacked Michael Roman, the lawyer for Trump’s campaign, saying, “Ms. Merchant’s interests are contrary to democracy, not to mine.” Roman is charged with being a key player in the conspiracy of multiple states to create “fake electors” in order to rig the Electoral College.

When did the relationship start?

Wade maintained during his testimony that he and Willis shared travel and vacation costs and that their romantic relationship started in early 2022, as stated in an affidavit that was filed with the court. However, Willis’s longtime friend and Fulton County employee Robin Bryant-Yeartie refuted that assertion in court, saying she had “no doubt” that the Willis-Wade affair started in late 2019. Interestingly, that was prior to Willis appointing Wade to head the Trump investigation in late 2021.

Bryant-Yeartie claimed to have seen Willis and Wade “hugging, kissing, close affection” prior to 2022, the year they claimed their love relationship started. She also stated in her testimony that Willis had informed her that she was dating Wade in 2020 and 2021. On the question of whether Wade cheated on his ex-wife by seeing Willis, there was some wordplay reminiscent of Hillary Clinton. Previous documents from Roman’s group purportedly mentioned that she was seeing “a married man.” Wade stated in his deposition that his marriage was irretrievably shattered in 2015, which was a long time before he started dating Willis. He also stated that he was free to date.

Wade and Willis explain how to make reimbursements with cash.

Wade and Willis have provided a straightforward explanation for why there is basically no documentation to support his allegations that they divided costs: Willis made a cash purchase. Two flights to Miami and San Francisco in recent years were paid for by Wade. According to credit card statements produced during his divorce. They also enjoyed sumptuous cruises through the Caribbean and vacations to Belize and the Bahamas. Wade said that Willis paid him back for a flight “in cash” when he was questioned about whether he covered Willis’ travel expenses during their joint vacation. In response to the defense’s claims that Wade was effectively receiving vacation kickbacks from Willis, Wade stated he lacked receipts for every instance in which Willis reimbursed him for travel expenses.

“I didn’t put the money in my account,” Wade answered, occasionally grinning. Wade was questioned by defense lawyer Craig Gillen, who is the representative of one of the fictitious electors, about. What he would do with the cash refunds, which in one instance totaled thousands of dollars. “You don’t have a single deposit slip to back up or confirm any of your claims that Ms. Willis gave you cash payments?” Gillen shot back, a little louder than before.

Wade said, “No sir.” Gillen answered, “Not a single solitary one?”


“Not one,” Wade answered.

Willis says, “I can pay my bills on my own.”

The date of the breakup and its possible influence on the decision to pursue the huge RICO charge against Trump and associates in August of last year were also points of contention. According to both, the romance ended in the summer of 2023. Willis hinted that although the two had a “tough conversation” that concluded things completely, the physical component had stopped earlier in the summer.

When Willis’s attorney, Steven Sadow, questioned her about the split, Willis’s response included alleged sexist comments Wade had made to her in the past. He once told me that the only thing a woman could do for him was prepare him a sandwich, so he’s used to ladies, she remarked. She clarified that this was a factor in their split and that it served as a defensible argument against her accusers’ self-serving allegations. “The idea that ‘I am your equal’ would lead to vicious arguments,” Willis remarked. “A man is not a plan; I don’t require anything from him. A man is a friend. We had conflict in our relationship, which is why I would return his money to him.

“I don’t need anybody to foot my bills,” Willis continued.

Wade was questioned by Sadow earlier in his testimony about whether or not they had a “personal relationship at all” after their breakup, adding, “And you know what I mean by that.” In response, Wade questioned if Sadow meant to say, “if I had intercourse with the district attorney.” “These attacks have made us more to one another as friends,” said Wade. “However, the answer is no if you’re asking about specific sexual relations.” Great diversion from Trump’s accusations for the time being. The true accusations made against Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Mark Meadows, and the other GOP allies .Who are suspected of attempting to rig the 2020 election remain unchallenged by anything that transpired on Thursday.

However, for the time being, the hearing moved the focus away from that accusation and Trump’s legal problems.

The trial date for Trump’s historic first trial in the criminal case involving. Hush money was set by a New York court earlier in the day for March 25. However, by the afternoon, the shocking testimony that was occurring in Atlanta and being broadcast. Nationally on television almost completely overshadowed that story. (Georgia courtrooms allow cameras, unlike the New York case.)

Even though Willis will take the stand again on Friday to face cross-examination, Trump might not profit for long. A different New York court is anticipated to rule on Friday in the Trump civil fraud case. Which poses an existential risk to his company. State prosecutors have determined that Trump and his business engaged in substantial fraud against banks and insurers by misrepresenting. His wealth and assets, and they are asking the judge to sentence Trump $370 million for this offense. Additionally, they seek to ban Trump from conducting business in New York.

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