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Facebook And Instagram Restored After Users Report Widespread Outages?


Facebook and Instagram services were restored after more than half a million users reported widespread problems early this morning, with many unable to open or reopen the social media platforms, Meta said. Internet outage monitoring site Down Detector was announced at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday. ET received more than 500,000 problematic messages from U.S. Facebook users and more than 70,000 messages related to Instagram. According to Down Detector, the most commonly reported problems are related to logging into the Facebook and Instagram apps.

“This morning a technical issue made it difficult for people to access one of our services,” a META representative stated on Tuesday. “We got this rectified as soon as we could. for all parties and apologize for the inconvenience.” According to Down Detector, Facebook users around the world, from Egypt to Oklahoma, have reported that they are unable to connect to the service. Some people have complained on social media that their accounts on the service have been hacked and they are unable to use their passwords.

Meta platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Threads suffered blackouts in some countries during login sessions; “This incident was not related to the nationwide internet or power outages,” he said. According to technology website 9to5Mac, the Meta Quest AR headset has also been removed. This does not affect the WhatsApp meta property.

Is Facebook Down? ‘Technical Issue’ Brings Down Facebook. Instagram, Threads, Messenger For Hours?

Some users have reported that they have been able to switch back to Facebook and Messenger, but the service is still unavailable. Still having issues with Instagram and categories. For a moment on Tuesday morning, one important question seemed to unite the entire Internet: It was an entire metaverse.

Andy Stone, communications manager at Meta, wrote in X’s post that the tech giant’s websites were down due to a technical glitch. Peak hours are 10am to 11am. The Undertaker was notified of more than half a million suspensions from Facebook, with users complaining that they were disconnected from Facebook and unable to return.

Other Meta companies like Instagram, Messenger, and Threads have had similar issues. According to, the Meta Quest headset has also failed users. YouTube, which is not a meta company, also crashed at the same time, with some users reporting that they saw it for the first time when logging into their Google accounts.

 Is Facebook Down?

Are you logged out of Facebook? No, and you. The password is correct and does not need to be changed. Facebook’s parent company, Meta, has suffered a service outage. Other areas of methane have also decreased.

Is Instagram Down?

For a few hours on Tuesday morning, the Instagram app appeared to be working for some users, but some channels wouldn’t load, nor would the desktop version. The altitude dropped to 85,020 at 10:33 p.m. FI.

Is Threads Down?

Open the Threads app, but there is no text or text. The highest number of complaints about the subdetector were made at 8:31 am.

Is Messenger Down?

People trying to message friends and family via Messenger weren’t completely left out. Down Detector reported a spike of 12,122 users at 10:32 am.


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