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Election Day 2024: Texas primaries ,Where To Vote?

Election day 2024

Today is Super Tuesday, and primary voting for Election day 2024 is underway in Texas, as well as primaries in several other US states. Texans vote around 7 am. at 7 p.m. They will vote on Tuesday, March 5. FOX 7 Austin has compiled a guide and everything you need to vote in 2024. Texas primary. Below we answer common questions about the election and more. If you live in Travis and Williamson counties, click on the links below for pickup location information. Scroll to the bottom of this story for links to other Central Texas counties.

Where Can I Vote?

If your state participates in the Universal Voting Precinct Program (CVPP), you can register to vote anywhere in your state. The following Central Texas counties are eligible for statehood. If your area does not participate in the CVPP, you can only vote in your assigned election campaign.

What Is a Primary?

Political parties use primaries to select candidates for general elections. Voters choose the Democratic or Republican ticket and choose who they want to be with in that party. The winners of the primary election will appear on the ballot on November 5, Election day 2024.

Is Texas An Open Or Closed Primary?

Texas is one of 17 states with open elementary schools. Then you can choose to run as a Democrat or Republican. This means Democrats can vote in Republican primaries if they want, and vice versa. If you vote in an election, you must vote with that party. The decisions you make in the primary will not depend on how you vote in the general election.

When Are The Runoff Elections?

If no candidate wins a majority (50% + 1 vote) in the primary, the first two candidates go to the second round. The second round is scheduled for May 28.


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