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Cam Newton involved in fight at Georgia youth football camp

Cam Newton

Cam Newton, a former NFL quarterback, got caught up in a fight on Sunday during a 7-on-7 kids football camp. Over the weekend in Atlanta, there was an invitation-only camp and competition where the event occurred. At this point, there are not enough details available, and representatives from the local police department are not accessible to talk to USA TODAY Sports about the event. Social media users posted a video of Cam Newton, sporting one of his colorful, signature hats, trying to break up the fight between two or maybe three people before camp employees and security guards intervened to restore order. Cam Newton, 34, made eight appearances with the Carolina Panthers during his last NFL season in 2021.

NFL STATS CENTRAL: Up-to-date NFL schedules, stats, odds, and more. (Editor’s note: There is explicit language in the following video.) After winning the 2010 Heisman Trophy while playing at Auburn, and being selected first overall in the 2011 NFL draft, Cam Newton spent nine of his ten years as a professional quarterback for the Panthers. He was named league MVP in 2015 and helped lead Carolina to the Super Bowl. In 2020, he spent one season as a player with the New England Patriots.

Cam Newton fight video

Newton was briefly seen in the footage standing beneath a pop-up tent before he was pushed against a barrier. A few more individuals entered the fight, some to break up the argument and others to deliver attacks. The altercation’s cause is unknown. Sunday, right before 5 p.m., the squad uploaded a video to Instagram to remember their victory. An official from Atlanta Public Schools verified that this was not an event hosted by the school; rather, a third party renting out the facilities asked the Atlanta Police Department to provide security. Atlanta requested further information from Atlanta police. As of right now, they have declined to comment.

Cam Newton’s height, weight

Cam Newton was a tall man, even among football players. In addition to his huge arm, he was well-known in the NFL for his brutal running style. Standing at 6-foot-5 and 245 pounds. He appears significantly larger concerning the individuals on the video, especially in light of the way. He defended himself from what looked to be several potential attackers.

What is TSP?

Cam Newton got into a fight with people who appeared to be from the national 18U 7-on-7 football program TSP (TopShelf Performance). Receivers at the youth, high school, and NFL levels are also trained by TSP.

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