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Braves Nearly No-Hit Seattle Mariners , But Lose in Dramatic 9th Inning Turnaround?

Seattle Mariners

A hitter has been tied for six innings every night, but that’s what Max Fried and Brice Miller did Monday night in Seattle Mariners. With the Braves on their way to a 1-0 win, AJ Minter hit an immediate bomb and a home run off Mitch Garver in the sixth to make it 2-1. Friday’s 92-ball, six-run unbeaten run was excellent again. He struck out seven and walked two in over 100 innings. After two disastrous starts this year, he lowered his ERA to 4.02 on Friday with a better 3.32 xFIP. It looks like it’s on its way. In Fred’s place, Pierce Johnson was a perfect seventh, striking out 17 in 18 games.

The unpopular run ended in the sixth when Joe Jimenez walked and allowed one to slip past the glove of Ozzy Albies. The Atlanta strike would continue for another day, with the last strike coming three years earlier in 1994. Kent Mercer shouted. Seattle Mariners loaded the bases in the top of the sixth, but Jimenez Hodine struck out Julio Rodriguez and Mitch Heniger hit a bad pitch.

Raizel Iglesias was unavailable Monday afternoon after sitting out both games, so Minter got the sixth game. He completed seven rounds. The Braves couldn’t hold junior righty Bryce Miller all day, who suited up for 5⅓ innings before Travis Darnaud left. Miller promptly ended this minor threat with a late double to put the wicketkeeper on an incredible six.

The seventh round is a completely different story. Ronald Acuna drove a ground ball into the shortstop’s glove — even with the pitch clear, he would have needed a perfect throw to catch Acuna and keep the others alive — and Acuna stole second and third at the same time. The main threat of the night. Ozzie Albies singled to right in Atlanta’s first and only game.

The Braves went 6-hit Friday, but the Bulls did nothing against the Mariners in Game 8?

The Atlanta Braves were without a hitter in the sixth inning against the Seattle Mariners on Monday night when Josh Rojas struck out Joe Jimenez. Atlanta’s Max Fried scored six points to lead the Braves on Friday. Pierre Johnson led the team to a seventh-place finish. Jimenez struck out French to open the sixth, and Rojas singled to right for Seattle’s first hit.

He had a match against Bryce Miller. With Ronald Acuna Jr., he singled and Ozzy Albies drove him home with a double. After dropping 100 chains, it is max fried. Mitch Garver walked in the second inning and Cal Reilly walked in the fifth, but those were the only bases the lefty allowed. In the fourth inning, he hit a 10-run single off George Polanco, one of seven.

In the last game, Red beat Miami 5:0. Miller had a great game until he gave up four walks to Travis Arnaud in the sixth. Miller hit a double play by Jared Kelenich to end the frame. Atlanta appeared to have stranded runners in the third inning when Kelenich scored safely. Seattle coach Scott Servas made a phone call that was repeated over and over again.

The Braves’ Max didn’t play in six games Friday, but Ball didn’t miss a single in Game 8 against the Mariners?

The Atlanta Braves were scoreless in the sixth inning against the Seattle Mariners as catcher Josh Rojas replaced Joe Jimenez. The Atlanta Braves lost a scoreless ninth inning against the Seattle Mariners Mariners on Monday night when shortstop Josh Rojas replaced Joe Jimenez.

Fried gave up after tossing out 100 pitches. The only baserunners the lefty let up were Cal Raleigh, who led off the fifth inning, and Mitch Garver, who led off the second. One of his seven strikeouts came in a 10-pitch at-bat in the fourth inning against Jorge Polanco. Max Fried’s most recent appearance, a 5-0 victory over Miami, featured a 92-pitch three-hitter.

Before giving Travis d’Arnaud a one-out, four-pitch walk in the sixth inning, Miller was playing flawlessly. To close off the frame, Miller got Jarred Kelenic to ground into a double play.

After Kelenic reached base on an infield single in the third inning, it looked as though Atlanta had a baserunner. The call was reversed when Seattle Mariners manager Scott Servais raised a challenge.



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