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Babar Azam on Shahid Afridi: ‘We Stand by Each Other in Every Situation?

Babar Azam

The Pakistan captain said the New Zealand team will be tested in T20Is as part of their World Cup preparations. The press conference was shortly over but resurgent Pakistan captain Babar Azam addressed the elephant in the room before leaving.

“I want to make it clear that my relationship with Shaheen [Afridi] is not immediate, it goes way back,” Babar said on the sidelines of the first T20I against New Zealand in Rawalpindi. “We support each other at all levels. Our aim is to put Pakistan first and ensure Pakistan’s reputation.”

Despite the controversy surrounding the captaincy change, the relationship between two of Pakistan’s top cricketers seems to remain intact. After Afridi was sacked as captain last year, ESP Encrisinfo said the pacer’s biggest complaint was against the PCB and not against Babbar, who said Afridi had helped him but was capable of his transformation the. He was the first to openly support Babur.

Sports Round-UP: The High and Lows Of The World Of Sports?

Babar Azam will lead Pakistan in white ball cricket. Last month, the PCB announced the appointment of Babar Azam as Pakistan’s cricket captain. The announcement marks the end of Shaheen Shah Afridi’s short stint as Twenty20 captain.

Following a unanimous decision, the PCB selection committee headed by chairman Mohsin Naqvi appointed Babar Azam as Pakistan cricket team’s white ball (ODI and Twenty20) captain. For

Initially, Babar reluctantly gave up his captaincy, and Afridi took over in November after the PCB announced it was looking for a replacement. Afridi was widely considered the favorite to become the ODI captain at the time, but subsequent events have dampened that possibility.

‘I would like to clarify that Shaheen Afridi: Babar Azam’s bizarre comments on Pakistan captain controversy?

Shaheen Shah Afridi was disappointed when the PCB replaced him with Babar Azam as Pakistan captain last month. The controversy came as a result of how Afridi was surprised by an article on the PCB website that mentioned his name, which he did not mention.

Ahead of the Pakistan-New Zealand T20I, Babar held his first press conference in his second captaincy role. Speaking about her relationship with the driver, she assured him that they got along well. “Let me clarify that Shaheen [Afridi] and I have been together for a significant amount of time,” he said.
Shaheen, no objection to Babur

RAWALPINDI: Pointing out differences with Shaheen Shah Afridi, Babar Azam said the two are old friends and enjoy a good rapport as partners.

“I think the media knows best. Whenever you see these things you recognize from the media, we maintain a very close relationship, we always try to help each other, to do our part for the country. ” matter.”

“Nothing has happened in the World T20 finals all together,” Babbar told reporters here on Wednesday. Twelve matches are played before the start of the World Cup. We want to join in other ways. Nothing decided to showcase the success of the 20th World Cup

We need to win these five T20 matches in order to get ready for a major mega tournament. We have a very strong field in Kakul, and we want to prove that we are a unit.” “(In German)

New Zealand will challenge us at different times in this series, Pakistan will do well for the team. “As a leader, they support me in uniting the youth within the organization,” he remarked.



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