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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Internet?


The Internet is very popular and innovative in the world of technology. The Internet is a place where all information and communication is available online. Recently, the net has become an addiction because of the huge advantages of this world. He has to learn about his strengths and weaknesses.

The Cambridge Dictionary defines the net as a large network of computer networks around the world that enable people to share information and communicate. The Internet is managed and controlled by many companies, businesses, governments and institutions for their own purposes. It has tons of statistics on almost every topic and has become an important part of everyone’s life. Today, more than 45 million people worldwide use the net. Now let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of the net.

Advantages of the Internet

1. Virtual Interview Calls

Consider the following scenario. You live in rural Kerala and have an interview in Ontario, Canada. At this time, please contact the service staff to request another contact method for the interview because you do not have a passport to travel to another country. Support staff will email you to offer video chat. That’s it, you are now free to do the interview.

Although Skype, Google Chat, and Cisco WebEx are credited with being the first to create smart time-saving tools after the advent of Internet technology, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply for your passport.

2. A Global Connector

The rise of social networking sites such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter has paved the way for the creation of a connected world where everyone can solve their problems and stay in touch with others and groups of friends. Spending time with your loved ones does not depend on how close they are.

3. Online Education

Have you thought about studying at a university like MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge, IIT, NIT, MIT (Madras Institute of Technology), IISc or IIM but never took the chance? Our best friend “internet” has made these famous universities available to other students (like MIT courses, CS50 etc.), NPTEL on YouTube.

In today’s competitive world, relying on traditional education can leave you without the skills you need to compete with your peers. The net allows you to acquire new skills through online courses from industry experts, as well as gather knowledge about various technologies, current events, try your hand at it, sports, arts and culture. The best way to show the benefits of the net is to imagine that you are reading on the Internet.

4. Source of Information

The main advantage of the Internet is the source of information. The site contains thousands of popular websites and relevant content. You can find any kind of solution be it study material or research material from websites. The net has made life easier and more flexible. In addition, students can study their subjects or do homework.

5. Source of Entertainment

The Internet provides a lot of entertainment to its users in many ways. You can listen to music, play games, watch movies and chat on social networks. The net provides many free places for people to talk and share their content. The Internet is hard to get bored of because it is an endless source of entertainment.


Disadvantages of Internet

1. Time Wastage

Searching online for social media activity and doing nothing can reduce your productivity. Instead of wasting time through social media, you need to use that time to be effective and efficient.

2. Health Concerns

Students must use a computer or phone to connect to the Internet. Spending too much time using smart devices can cause a lot of health problems like neck, back and joint pain.

In particular, light emitted by smart devices is known to cause various eye diseases. Students who use smart devices for long periods of time report eye health problems such as blurred vision and slowness.

3. Privacy Issues

The Internet threatens students’ privacy. Everyone has access to the Internet, and anyone can use it for free. In many cases, student information and privacy are at stake.

Hackers use the Internet to access students’ computers and cell phones to steal personal information. Many pictures and videos taken by the students have been shared on the web and online. Many students commit suicide because of the internet.

4. Student’s Cyberbullying

Internet addiction is one of the most common side effects of the Internet. Many students use the internet to bully other students. Cyber threats and cybercrime are also on the rise due to the increasing use of the internet.

Cyberbullying, cheating and online bullying have affected students’ lives. Internet addiction affects many students. Many students lose their lives due to cyberbullying.

5. Causing Anonymity

Another limitation of the internet is that many people found on various websites, forums and chat rooms may not be known. This gave insurgents many opportunities to target innocent people and compromise their credibility. We often hear about scammers using the internet to break the law.



Blog By:- ExpertSadar

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