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What is Cloud Gaming and How Does It Work?

Cloud Gaming

Video games have come a long way since the days when you had to expand the tank or insert a floppy disk. Cloud gaming is streamed directly to your internet connection instead of running your device from home. This saves you from waiting for the game to download and install. And save space on your Xbox or computer hard drive.

How to start playing on the cloud gaming? It’s as easy as opening your browser. You can launch Xbox cloud games directly from Microsoft Edge, and stream cloud games with Clarity Boost or Edge upscaling at higher frame rates.

How Does Cloud Gaming Works

Video games run on servers supported by cloud gaming platforms. Servers with high-performance graphics processing units (GPU) and central processing units (CPUs) enable real-time graphics and game logic.

Images are embedded in the video stream and compressed using video codecs to optimize bandwidth usage. Streamed video is sent over the Internet to the player device using protocols such as HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) or Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH). Audio output is sent simultaneously.

The video player translates the video playback and displays the frames on the screen. Input devices such as controllers or keyboards allow you to interact with the game. When the player moves the character or examines the content in the game. Input commands are sent back to the cloud server where they are processed to refresh the game.

Cloud gaming acts as a continuous gaming platform. This includes decryption, encryption, dumping, decoding and processing of content. To give players an improved gaming experience.

Powering PC Gaming from the Cloud

Cloud data centers with NVIDIA GPUs power the most complex computing tasks, from AI to analytics and analytics. With the advanced features of GeForce video games, GeForce now offers the best video games for serious gamers.

GeForce NOW Data Center includes NVIDIA RTX servers with RTX GPUs. This GPU enables the holy grail of advanced photography: real-time brightness detection and DLSS, a new definition of NVIDIA’s AI upscaling frame rate for thinner image quality, hardware supports NVIDIA Game Ready driver performance updates.

Recording and recording technology was introduced by NVIDIA more than ten years ago. Combined with hardware flexibility in both video encoding and decoding. This made it possible to watch games on stage in the age of photography, as if “it was as if the game was played locally at least . . . silence that most games experience. Games streamed on the GeForce NOW platform are transcoded in high-resolution H. 265 and H. 264 video and immediately sent back to the player

The total time from pressing the button or from pressing the button to being visible on the screen is less than a tenth of a second. Which is more than the blink of an eye.

cloud gaming

Limitations of Cloud Gaming

The biggest problem with year-round gaming is infrastructure. Currently, many cloud gaming services use existing data or cloud rental space to run their platform, which is difficult to maintain. In addition, the game has grown in recent years, allowing many companies to bring products to market quickly.

This is confirmed by a cursory glance at the search phrases. Although the number of searches for the term “cloud gaming” is only 34,000 per month, popular platforms such as Stadia have more, according to Ahrefs. For example, “stadia” has 233,000 global searches per month and “geforce Now” has 237,000 global searches per month.

Due to its rapid popularity, the game was not held every year. Shadow has limited capabilities and special features, but even platforms like PlayStation Now, which have been around for years, have struggled to provide integration. Services like Loudplay offer a more in-depth approach.

Final Thoughts

Although the sports season is not yet over, the situation is better than the last few years. PlayStation Now provides an exciting experience for Sony gamers, while Shadow brings unlimited gaming to PC. Other options like Vortex and Blacknut are good, but not great.

The experience is a few years old, but the election is near.

What do you think about cloud gaming? Still have questions? Tell us about these in the remarks box below. As always, thanks for reading

History of Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming emerged as a concept in the mid-2000s, fueled by the rapid growth of Internet users. Early applications like G-Cluster ran computer games on remote servers.

In 2010, OnLive made history by broadcasting the world’s first commercial game. At the same time, the development of information technology, video games and the capabilities of mobile phones have increased the effectiveness of cloud gaming.

Considering the growing demand for games, major companies such as Electronic Arts, Microsoft and Google launched their annual game campaigns in 2018.



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