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What are 5 advantages and disadvantages of technology?


The use of technology has brought significant positive and negative changes to all aspects of our lives. These are the benefits and drawbacks of technology use.

Benefits of using technology.

1- Technology Causes Cost Deficiency:

Reducing costs is one of the most important tasks of modern technology. Technology makes everything cheaper for people.

For those who can hardly think, there are many technological devices, tools or machines available at affordable prices.

Technology helps people in many ways. This means saving money.

Different jobs require a large number of workers, so skilled machines and a small number of workers can complete the job in a few minutes at a lower cost.

2-Wearable Tech:

Modern technology has introduced medical technology that can be worn or implanted in the human body. Like smartwatches or Fitbits, these technologies are designed to collect information about users’ physical activity levels and personal health. Furthermore, these technologies can provide real-time health information to doctors or healthcare professionals. Here are some examples of wearable medical technology.

Wearable fitness tracker They look like bracelets and contain sensors that monitor heart rate. The smartphone sync app offers the wearer various health tips. Smart watch, protect your health. Smartwatches aren’t just for timing and step counting. For heart rhythm monitoring in medical institutions. Mainly for patients with atrial fibrillation. Apple’s 2021 Series 7 models will include features such as sleep tracking, ECG frequency and blood oxygen saturation.
Wearable Blood Pressure Monitor – Like smartwatches, this wearable health technology can measure blood pressure and track other information such as daily distance and steps.
biological sensor The latest in wearable technology, Unlike a smartwatch, a biosensor is a glue that sticks to the body and can collect data such as breathing rate, heart rate and temperature.
In healthcare, IoT-based wearable technology can reduce serious terminal illnesses such as cardiac arrest or respiratory failure. This allows healthcare professionals to better monitor the safety and health of patients.


3- Communication:

There should be frequent communication between people. But their approach has changed dramatically over the years. Connecting with friends and family means picking up the phone and chatting in real time.

Today, however, users can communicate with others via text message, email, or video call, no matter where they are in the world. The distribution of translation software allows us to communicate with people who speak other languages. Today, thanks to communications technology, it is easier than ever to overcome language barriers.

4- Save time:

Improved timeliness is one of the biggest benefits of technology. Everything is now at least partially automated. Computer programming is a great example of technological innovation. For example, if you want to order something from a seller, you don’t have to drive there, just press a button or call; the product will be shipped to you within a few hours.

5- Has increased safety:

Technology makes people safer. As technology develops, cameras are being installed in shops and homes to keep your valuables safe. Everything is captured on camera and counterfeits are easy to spot. Our Godrej mobiles, laptops and safes come with locking systems to keep our data and other valuables safe

Disadvantages of technology

This technology has several disadvantages that should be considered before investing in new technology. this is someone

A:-Data security:

Today your data is not safe for you because people are used to using technology and getting hacked. With new technology, you can hack your home computer, bank account, office data and much more. Due to the high risk of fraud, exchanging one-time passwords and other data online has become problematic. Of course, sharing information online means it is more likely to fall into the hands of criminals, hackers, terrorists and foreign adversaries.

B:-Empathy Lacking in Doctor-Patient Interactions:

Telemedicine allows doctors and patients to communicate without distance. As more and more doctors embrace the concept of telemedicine, one-time consultations are slowly becoming a thing of the past.

In all these cases, technology is a tool. While this is critical for improving efficiency and reducing costs, it is not sufficient for humanitarian assistance. Connected devices and dashboards don’t provide the emotional personal touch that patients need. This is especially true for elderly and frail patients. It can complicate treatment plans, confuse diagnosis, and more.

C:- Pollution:

Overuse of technology increases environmental pollution. It is a source of pollution. Industrial waste affects soil, water, air etc by releasing into the environment. This is malicious. Exhaust gases from vehicles are the main cause of air pollution. Extensive use of pesticides in agriculture has led to soil erosion.

D:-Health issues:

Today, people are so busy with technology that they forget about their health. This affects their health in various ways. These include vision problems, obesity, insomnia, etc. Some people cannot sleep without the use of their phones. Some people have a habit of constantly looking at their mobile phones and not concentrating on their studies.

E:-Addiction to Technology and Screen Time:


The impact of technologies on people’s lives is becoming more and more obvious, especially with people’s increasing dependence on technology and screen time. Like cigarettes, alcohol or drugs, screen time or video games can become addictive if it affects your health and relationships and gets out of control.

Children are also at risk because they are exposed to digital devices from a young age, resulting in large amounts of screen time and a lack of face-to-face interaction. Spending too much time in front of a screen can lead to apathy, lack of concentration and many psychological problems.

Even older people are not immune to the effects of digital devices, from sleep to activity. Despite the benefits of using electronics for work and recreation, a small percentage of people can develop addictions and addictions, such as drug use. It’s important to be aware of the risks and strike a healthy balance between technology and other areas of life.

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