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WATCH: Zoe Balkan’s Purposeful Journey at the Boston Marathon?

Boston Marathon

Zoe Balkan, 20, became a runner to honour her late father’s legacy. Training for the Boston Marathon was difficult at times, but she credits her father for putting on her running shoes and helping her train every morning.

Boston University reporter Tyler Johnson spoke with Balkan ahead of the big day.

Running With Purpose: Zoe Balkan’s Journey of Remembrance and Resilience at the Boston Marathon?

As the morning light shines over a Boston park, the soft mat reflects the rhythm of shoes hitting the pavement. Among the many followers was Zoe Balkan, a 20-year-old student at Northwestern University who was overweight. For Zoe, each step is a tribute to someone lost, a journey through darkness and a search for strength.

Zoya’s journey started suddenly. “I couldn’t run,” he said. It’s amazing to go from living with your partner to training for the world’s most famous marathon. In the second year, the loss of his father changed his path. A sudden accident forces him to hang up his sneakers and make a new plan, not only for his physical health, but also to honor his father’s memory.

“My life was greatly influenced by my father. The way he dealt with adversity has always changed me.”

The Boston Marathon isn’t Zoe’s only race. Honor ends. Here, Zoe seems to find comfort and support among the contestants and the audience. He said the atmosphere at the marathon is vibrant thanks to the support of a city known for its strong community. “When I watched the marathon my first year, I fell in love with everything about the endurance, the strength, the camaraderie,” she said.

Preparing for a marathon is not a problem. It was associated with fewer physical disorders, learning disabilities, and depression. However, Zhou’s determination did not waver. Its purpose is more than just climbing a rope. Thanks to her father’s medical career, she is dedicated to raising awareness and funding for diabetes research.

As the marathon approaches, Zoe looks on with anticipation and anxiety. “First of all, after the marathon, I’ll see if I can run another marathon for this reason,” Zoya said of running, a part of her life, “but I think I’ll keep running.” practice. It turns the disease into a legacy.

For those sitting on the sidelines or watching from the windows, Zoe’s story is a reminder of the power of human resilience and the profound process of turning grief into positive action. Zoe Balkan didn’t run alone when she ran the Boston Marathon. Miles measure health.



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