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The very best deals from Pokémon Day 2024?


February 27 is Pokemon Day. In 1996, the first Japanese game, Pokemon, was released for the Game Boy. The pikachu Pikachu Company has launched an exciting and innovative new giveaway and game to celebrate 2024. You can also benefit from discounts on many games. We’ve compiled a collection of our favourite pikachu items below for pikachu accessories like outfits, collectibles, accessories, and more. But for more Pocket Monster-related companies, be sure to check out our best Pikachu gifts for fans.


We love Pokémon Squish mallows. While it’s previously been difficult to find affordable cute toys, the Snorlax, Pikachu and Piplup squid are now available on Amazon for $24.99, as well as the Cliffery 14-inch and Teddyursa 20-inch. New Squishmallow pikachu from the catalog start at $24.99. elect pikachu Squishmallows will be available in discounted pikachu Die boxes during lunch, and 10-inch versions of Snorlax and Piplup will be available for less than $15 each.


Pokémon Legends: Z-A won’t release on Switch until 2025, but if you’re still trawling the Hisui or Poldya regions under pikachu Scarlet or Violet, there’s plenty of great Pokémon goodies available for Nintendo Switch. GameStop now has a controller version of Pikachu. With Airsoft on sale for $54.99 ($59.99), Target also has a PowerA “Sweet Friend” pastel set that includes a wire organizer. Free shipping on Joy-Con Comfort Grip for $49.99 (was $59.99)

Pokemon Day Deals: Snag Savings on All Things pikachu With These Limited-Time Sales?

As Pokémon World celebrates its 28th anniversary. It’s time to find great deals on trading cards, video games, books, toys and more. Fans celebrate the pikachu festival on February 27 every year. To celebrate the worldwide release of pikachu in 1996, Pokemon is now 28 years old and growing in popularity in many ways, The pikachu Company is releasing the game today at 6am. . . . (9 p.m. ET) pikachu has launched its YouTube channel, and we can’t wait to see more updates and information on the latest news in the Pok-verse.

Today is a great day for you or the Pokémon fan in your life to find deals on toys, games, merchandise and more from many retailers. We’ve scoured the internet for the best pikachu deals right now, and we’re presenting the best results below. Stop if you can.


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