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The First Borderlands Movie Images Emerge And I Have Mixed Feelings

Borderlands movie

Video game film adaptations have a long history. A lot of it stems from a very weak or at least superficial attempt to take the name and beauty of the game and turn it into a premise that completely degrades the quality of the game. Things have changed for the better over the years, so I’m a little more sceptical about the next Borderlands movie than I was a few years ago.

As someone who wasn’t much of a fan of the original Borderlands Movie games, I wasn’t sure I would like the movie. I’m not afraid that its full star rating is full of really big stars, because I think sometimes you can get better results with people who aren’t famous. When I talk about it, I always think of Star Wars. What if Star Wars used all the popular characters from the 70s instead of giving them new names? (Yes, there are veterans like Alec Guinness, but not the main character).

Borderlands Trailer: Exclusive Poster and Trailer?

The genre-defining shooter video game series Borderlands Movie is about to get its own movie, and now it’s time. The series’ six main actors are loved for their interesting stories and unique characters.

The film has a long way to go before it hits theaters this summer. IGN also sat down with Roth and Randy Pitchford, founders of Gearbox Entertainment and executive producers of the film, to discuss all things Borderlands Movie ahead of the release of the first trailer yesterday. You can check out an exclusive preview of the car in the player above or below.



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