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Stephen And Ayesha Curry Announce They Are Expecting Their Fourth Child?

Stephen Curry

Aisha Curry, wife of Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry, announced on Friday that she is pregnant with their fourth child. Aisha announced the news on Instagram in Sweet Julie magazine. She hasn’t revealed much in the press, but she looks pregnant in the magazine photos. In the memoir, Aisha wrote that she and Stephen agreed to divorce after having a child.

A year after their wedding, in 2011, Stephen Curry gave birth to their first daughter, Riley. Their second daughter, Ryan, was born in 2015, and their first son, Cannon, was born in 2018. A few hours later, Stephen Curry tagged Aisha on Instagram to celebrate the news. Does LeBron James regret reaching 40,000 points in a loss?

Does LeBron James Regret Reaching 40,000 Points In a Loss?


The Lakers star, who has reached a new milestone in his career, said he is not happy and that his main goal is to “win”

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James says falling short of 40,000 NBA career points is bittersweet because he’s proud of his accomplishment, but the team’s support also hurts. Nuggets vs. Denver. “When I compete on the court, I never think about my personal accomplishments, but I give credit to the Lakers family for allowing us to have a record-breaking season,” LeBron James said at a press conference. Compare after meeting.

He added: “It’s great to do it first because you learn the history of the league, the great players who played here, the great players who were here tonight.” But LeBron James insisted the best thing for him was “to win” and lamented the Nuggets’ 114-124 loss. LeBron James: “I hate losing.” We can’t win, especially against a great basketball team. This hurts. But I’m always on the court.” You liked it

LeBron James needed nine points to reach 40,000 points in a quarter, adding to his long list as the only player to reach that mark. He has 40,017 points. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (38,387), Karl Malone (36,928), Kobe Bryant (33,643), Michael (39, 39-year-old LeBron James became America’s leading scorer in the twenty-first season of the NBA. Basketball League. 32,292 people). Although the manager of “Lakers” finished the meeting with 26 points and 9 assists in 37 minutes, his team did not reach the championship.


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