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‘So angry with God’: Regina King says she’s ‘a different person’ after son’s suicide?

Regina King

In her first interview since her son’s death, the actress and director says Regina King is a “different person” after her son’s suicide. “It’s a sad journey,” he told Robin Roberts on “Good Morning America” Thursday morning. I understand that longing is love, and that it cannot go anywhere. I know it’s important that I have the utmost respect for Ian.” John Alexander, son of Martin Luther King Jr., died in January 2022 at the age of 20. Musician and DJ who often accompanies King to red-carpet events.

“When you talk about depression, people expect you to look confident and weird,” King said through tears. “I don’t have time to go through all of this and sit back and watch Ian make choices. I respect that and understand that he doesn’t want to be with other people anymore. It’s hard because we don’t have that experience.”

Roberts told King that many people “thank you for choosing and accepting.” According to the actress of “Beale Street Talk,” she was “so mad at God “Why do we think about Ian so much? After everything we’ve been through — therapy, psychiatry, programs — Ian said, ‘Mom, I’m tired of talking.’ “My favorite is Ian’s mom,” King said. “If you don’t embark on this journey with respect, you won’t be able to utter these words with a genuine smile, accompanied by tears and all your emotions.” “Understood?” he asked.King said parents often feel guilty when they lose a child.

Regina King Reflects On Her Son’s Death In Emotional Interview: ‘Grief is a Journey’?

Regina King shared her thoughts on her grief in her first television interview since her son’s death. The Oscar-winning “Bell Street” star, 53, revealed in an interview with “Good Morning America” on Thursday that she will be working in January 2022. Son Ian Alexander Jr. Since he took his own life, he has been normal. He is 26 years old

“I’m a different person now than I was on January 19.” “Grief is a journey. To me, grief is misplaced love.” Dr. King’s ex-husband, Ian Alexander Sr.; He has a son named Alexander; Alexander told USA Today in a statement after his death that his family was “deeply devastated” and remembered Alexander as a “bright light that brought joy to others.” A very intelligent man.

In an interview with “GMA,” King said he sometimes feels “intense guilt” over Alexander’s death. “Even after losing their children, parents continue to ponder ways to prevent such tragedies from recurring.” “For the first time, he experiences anger. and asks, “Why am I like this?” Am I being too harsh on you? ”


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